Stereo Listening Rings – Two Rings to Rule Them All

Now here is a perfect example of concept design bettering the world in previously unimagined ways. The deaf of the world are not just being deprived of music, a sweet whisper and a simple phone call. They are also lacking the ability to be fairly warned of impending danger from out of sight sources. Designers Kwang-seok Jeong, Min-hee Kim and Hyun-joong Kim really deserve a round of silent applause for this inspired design. “Vibering” is an ingenious way to help the deaf, by fashionably housing a sound detection and identification system to be worn as a pair of rings and a wristwatch. The rings are to be worn on both hands and are the ears that not only listen for sounds emanating from behind, they also determine distance, position and vibrate according to source. The wristwatch aspect, identifies the sound wave and present this info to the wearer in an easy to read display. The watch is programmed to listen for certain key phrases from humans like “Excuse Me..”, your name being called and any number of car noises including the most important one, a car’s horn. This device concept could not just be a major life enhancer for the deaf, it would most certainly save lives.

Designer: Kwang-seok Jeong, Min-hee Kim and Hyun-joong Kim


  • Amymou says:

    A humane and considerate design and also fashinable.

  • Lim says:

    I feel this idea can be much more inproved. In the case of blind corners or certain unseen angle , if the car were travelling at high speed, it will be too late for the user to avoid it. This provided the ring sense the car at fairly far distance? Even so, the user need to take the time to look back and see what is happening.

    I think thisi design only considering from the user point of view, but not the the driver or other factor point iof view.

    • Davos says:

      C’mon man this tool is for deaf people not for idiots. They can see forward as any other healty man. Blind corners and fast cars u cant avoid them. Some good advice. Before u cross watch around. And developing this stuff, good luck. What would it help if u feel a vibration and that may couse u hearthattack ‘couse u dont know to move or dont. If fast car when u feel vibration, then its the last thing u feel. If not well, then this one takes it as well as any improved. cheers m8.

    • Davos says:

      i had some misunderstanding as i c after second read ur comment but still have the same ideas about further improvement in the fast-cars -and -blind- corners way.

      • Lim says:

        Hahaha…. I see… Well i feel this product will ahve to face many different scenarios challenges since its doing with one of our human senses.

        But, the 4th illustration is kinda funny. Is either the car driver is an complete idiot or the pedestrian itself. I im trying to say, it not just one factor, but a two way connection for both the party to make the concept workable.

        For an example, how a car notice a night time cyclist, where the car driver notice the red light marking located at the back of the bicycle and at the same time the cyclist notice the car with the mirror located at his front.

  • sunqi says:

    so good !so nice!
    i like it so much…
    i hope this idea can be much more inproved…
    it a good project for deaf people….
    and i feel it can be more practicality..

  • Xt says:

    This watch reminds me a lot of this design:
    Both equally interesting!

  • damo says:

    Is this for sale anywhere? or not yet in manufacturing….

  • . says:


  • hankukil says:


  • Ken says:

    Coolest Gadget! 🙂
    With this one I definitely live my life safer each day! Nice Design from Korea!

  • lynn-lu says:


  • mime says:

    When issue this product and how much?

    Very advance and very nice!!

  • Helene Ryles says:

    I am a deafblind person. I am very interested in this device. Please could I have more information about how suitable this device would be for those who were blind as well as deaf.

  • how can we get / buy this products

  • Vicky says:

    Why don make it as a mobile phone also?

  • Jimmy C says:

    The problem is that this implies the deaf person is also at least partially blind. If that were true, this might be a good design. But in reality, deaf people should have enough understanding of the world to not need this design.

  • jamie says:

    I would love to buy one of these. Tell me where

  • kattitudes says:

    While the focus of the comments that I did read seem to be focused on the help (or lack of help) this setup would provide to an individual involved in a car approaching from behind a deaf/hard of hearing person – most comments seem to be missing a much more socially useful application: being alerted to the often missed “Hey you (or Hey insert name)”.

    Even though I wear hearing aids, the hearing aids often are not able to pick up individual shouts or calls directed specifically at me from any distance beyond a foot or two. A device like this would significantly improve the social outlook for those of us that are often accused of either ignoring others or being subjected to repeatedly shouted at until the hard of hearing individual can finally pick out our name from the constant cacophony of auditory information being funneling into our ears via our hearing aids.

    Although a tool like this could be nearly priceless for the deaf & hard of hearing community, my experience with most assistive technology pretty much guarantees that #1) it will be priced out of range for most of the average hearing impaired individuals and #2) no American medical insurance will dream of covering it (which is the same position most medical insurance programs take with hearing aids also).

  • Mª Ángeles says:

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  • Şivan says:

    This device integrated my ear to ear gets stuck or is an additional device?

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