Wireless Earbuds That Recharge From Your Phone


Wireless earphones have changed the way that we listen to music, their convenience, their inconspicuous nature and, most of all, their lack of annoying cables has made them a highly desirable item of technology for all music lovers!

The team at Ascape Audio have taken the convenience of wireless earphones a step further by integrating the earphone’s charging bank into a sleek iPhone case, thus, AmpPack was born! When the AscapePods are located into their holder, that is neatly molded into the top of the case, they immediately begin to charge!

AmpPack features a highly ergonomic and carefully considered design that not only keeps the phone and AscapePods together at all times, but its sturdy and durable construction safely secures and protects both the iPhone and its new passengers from a 3-meter drop!

But of course, all of this means almost nothing if the earphones don’t do any justice for the music being played… but don’t worry, the team at Ascape Audio have this covered! The Ascape Pods offer premium quality, ultra-high fidelity sound with powerful zero-distortion bass and quick, responsive treble. This, combined with the TrueWireless Stereo Plus software technology, allows the user to become fully immersed in what they are listening to!

Designers: Paul Schrems & Dean Clancy

Click here to Buy Now: $149.00 $249.00 (40% off).


AmpPack combines earbuds, power bank, and phone case into a single unit.



The earbuds, your phone, and the battery case all charge together as one device! Your phone charges up first, followed by the earbuds than the battery case. They all charge together with just one cable or using Qi Wireless Charging.




Click here to Buy Now: $149.00 $249.00 (40% off).