This EDC multi-tool is a portable and lightweight alternative to a hefty toolbox!

Have you ever noticed you never really seem to find a tool when you need one, and when you have no use for them they seem to be sprawling all over your house? Or the fact that your toolbox is never where you seem to have last placed it, and half the tools in it are always left untouched. Well, product designer Saurabh Yadhav created the most kickass EDC that you may have ever seen, ‘Voxel’! What is Voxel? Voxel is the portable and lightweight alternative to a hefty toolbox, making it beyond a regular EDC multi-tool.

No more scrounging about for your toolbox, only to find an array of tools that you honestly barely have any utility for. Maneuvering through the complicated amount of tools tires you out, before you actually even begin to use them. However, Voxel is a single wholesome tool equipped with a wide range of crucial functions, finding great utility in our day to day tasks.

Voxel functions as a screwdriver, wrench, sharp edge, scraper, and a pry bar. The metallic little product looks like a razor, to be honest. However, I doubt you’ll hurt yourself with it. The flat end of Voxel functions as a scraper, flat head screwdriver and a not so sharp edge for some of the less tedious tasks. The main body serves as different types of wrenches including a hex and spoke wrench, with perfect spots for your thumb grip, ensuring a steady hand. The opposing curved end can be used as a bottle opener! No more scurrying about for bottle openers that you know you don’t own. The curved end also functions as a nail puller, file, and a 1/4 inch wrench.

Created from a single piece of stainless steel, Voxel is the kind of multi-tool you can carry around in your pocket, and pull out in a moment’s notice! I don’t know about you, but an accessible bottle opener in my purse seems like a godsend to me.

Designer: Saurabh Yadav