Some Like it HOT

Piping hot, tepid to lukewarm…there are many ways to drink your coffee, but the best way is your way! And to keep the temperature in control is the Boog Coffee Warmer. Like a magic stick, it maintains the ideal temperature for your brew, allowing you to savor the drink. Pull on the tab at the top and a chemical reaction inside the spoon between water and calcium chloride generate enough heat to bring your drink to 90º F. Just another scientific way to enjoy your cuppa!

Designer: Jung Eun Park of SADI


  • @Scorso says:

    A Beautiful Design and incredibly smart idea!

  • Nez says:

    Calcium what? Check your formula

  • Bonfunk says:

    Mistype. CaCl + H2O

  • Velugo says:

    Club Des Belugas “- Some Like It Hot ” a very nice song 🙂

  • Tony DiCorpo says:

    Re-heating coffee is not a good thing. To get the most out of your brew, you should enjoy the 'cuppa' black, at about 100 degrees and in no more than 12oz at a time. That's just the coffee geek in me 🙂 When you re-heat it you destroy the flavor profile created during the roasting process, coffee extraction and natural cooling to drinking temperature.

  • Dfuss says:

    It's a popular mechanism for heating Ekiben(bento sold at railway stations) in Japan.
    But it takes about 10 minutes for heating…

  • ManInjapan says:

    How do I get one, how can I contact the designer, I want to sell them. Thanks

  • .. says:

    the only thing is that it kind of looks like a pregnancy test thing

  • J Person says:

    where can I buy one? I cant believe there is no information on the whole page telling us where to purchase. I cant even find contact info for a company called boog. Help pls!

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