SpeakerBox, Just A Little Retro

Most speaker related peripherals have a very modern or futuristic flare to their design. The SpeakerBox by Mark van Giessel eschews that trend for another – retro. It’s 50’s rounded curves and slick lacquer like finish are reminiscent of home appliances of yore. Don’t be fooled, underneath is a full array of USB ports and other whiz-bangs to interface with today’s MP3 players and mobile phones.

Designer: Mark van Giessel


  • wallace says:

    Yo you stole the freakin handlebar from SMEG!!!

  • Jables says:

    A retro design with a TFT screen and USB’s!!! how does that work.

    Looks crap!! worst looking thing ive seen in a long time on this site.


  • carl says:

    THIis is a rubbish design, my grandad might have liked it but he had no taste and is now dead. think the 50’s retro look is way gone, and this is just a bad example version of this. the handle has been blatently ripped off.

    looks like a piece of bedroom design, by a bedroom designer. a design tourist. well here’s new for you jack, its check out time.

    take a good look at yourself in your cheap mirror and realise your bringing nothing to the table.


  • Lim says:

    The work of 1st year design student ?

  • greg F says:

    Yes this has First year student written all over it…..weve all been there

  • Shiella says:

    Yes that’s retro…But I don’t know why I like it.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    Retro has a power that make someone cry TT~ 🙂

  • Noodles says:

    I like the design RETRO and thinking if it’s possible to be a Subwoofer box concept for my car…Anyone can tell where can i find this sort of>>>??

  • saintjam says:

    nanu nanu! good.think.think. good.

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