Coffee Delights

This delightful Nespresso concept machine is as clean and crisp in design as a smooth cuppa cappuccino! It is a basic machine with minimal functions and can be operated with one simple action. The handle reclines back allowing you to insert the ground coffee beans or coffee capsules; a choice between a short or long espresso on the dial switch makes you the heavenly cuppa joy.

Photography: Sasha Flit

Designer: Eyal Carmi

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  • WZhangID says:

    Interesting aesthetic, but somewhat perplexing design. What’s the point of a tray if there is no basin? Controls are somewhat confusing. And, how do I know how much water is in the reservoir (thats kind of important)?

  • AM says:

    I think the design is amazing, the concept is kind of genius.
    Standard water tank in my opinion is not effective, disturbing and requires cleaning after each coffee preparation. I think his idea is that you can make quick retrieval and quick cleaning to keep clean the machine in a simple and practical.

  • BN34 says:

    Simple, accurate and clean, beautiful design.

  • FrankD says:

    Nice clean lines, looks very professional, interesting concept ..I Love it !!****

  • Digger1 says:

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ! ! !

  • Dubi says:

    Sure is the most beautiful coffee machine i ever seen. I wonder what ‘Nespresso’ have to say about it.
    I genius concept of simplicity and prestige.
    I love it!

  • Dubi says:

    Sure is the most beautiful coffee machine i ever seen. I wonder what ‘Nespresso’ have to say about it.
    A genius concept of simplicity and prestige.
    I love it!

  • Monica^-^ says:

    The machine looks very high quality, gives a sense of quiet and clean. I can see how it fits nicely on the counter. Details give the feeling of reliability

  • m..c. says:

    Finally a nice coffee machine clean lines, impressive design, beautiful, unique, and innovative.

  • f.z says:

    its about time… something with Quality Design… this is the way accessories should be desing. well done!

  • DiabloTh says:

    Very nice one.. shapo!!:)

  • missk says:

    I love this coffee machine! I came across this design and just fell inlove. Regarding the issue of no water level, I presume the designer meant that the machine be connected to a water supply?
    I would love to speak to the designer and see how I could get my hands on this model!

  • Digfio_LO says:

    Simple and beautiful design. Seems very high quality, professional and accurate. Very nice!

  • MoseE says:

    **********I Love it!!*******

  • VmotoS says:

    Holy gorgeous.
    I wonder if this idea will ever come to fruition. That’s the only thing I hate about design blogs/websites, a lot of the products are just concept designs. I want to see them all happen!

  • Kakadu says:

    I realy like this design, It makes you want to make some coffee ..Something worthy and calm.

  • Tania says:


  • MubaFeri says:

    WoW!! I love it!!

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