7-Eleven and Tetris collab results in this super cool Slurpee handheld gaming device

Alex T has lately broken every record possible for the Tetris game and the cult classic is again in the trends. Perhaps the perfect time for the Slurpee Handheld Gaming Device to make an appearance. This limited-edition merchandise from convenience store 7-Eleven is designed in collaboration with Tetris. Along with this, the duo has created other products too for gamers who love retro stuff.

Limited to just 20,000 units, the unique handheld device has the shape of a Slurpee that’ll always entice you to game more and drink even more. Released almost four decades from now, the iconic arcade game has seen generations of fun and bonding that makes it a common name among gamers. There have been thousands of knockoff versions and variants, but still the original Tetris has stood the test of time.

Designer: 7-Eleven and Tetris

According to CEO of Tetris, Maya Rogers, “As we mark the milestone 40th anniversary of Tetris, we are excited to announce our partnership with 7-Eleven, another iconic brand beloved across generations,” she added, “this collaboration celebrates our spirit of innovation and delivers fans with a new, fun way to experience Tetris.”

The game is played on the front of the Slurpee cup-shaped handheld that looks like 7-Eleven’s iconic cup. There’s a small full-color display (smaller than the original Game Boy) measuring 1.8 inches on which you can play the nostalgic game. The device draws power from the three AAA batteries and if you want, you can also plug it into a laptop or power outlet with a USB-C cable connection. To elevate the gameplay immersion, it also has built-in speakers.

There is no release date for the Slurpee Handheld Gaming Device yet, but we should expect the announcement soon. As we said, the collection comes with other goodies as well including shirts, tote bags, two cap designs, stickers and more. What we are interested in is this cool gadget that you can carry around on the beach and then settle down to play a stint of your favorite classic game.