The Bag Every Creative Should Have

The slim Match Point laptop bag by Jacquelyn Schmelter makes it possible to carry utilities around in a stylish way while conserving less space. Designed for artists and designers, this sharp looking design will not only secure a laptop but also features an integrated graphics tablet so the user can get creative in any situation.

Designer: Jacquelyn Schmelter


  • Aaron says:

    Every right-handed creative… Wouldn’t be difficult to alter into an ambidextrous version. Something for the designer to think about.

  • Donald says:

    love it! Want it! Brilliant idea to combine these two in a case. Where ever you go, sketch up some idea’s to show co-workers/clients/friends.

  • Draz Goosh says:

    Seeing as left handed people are the more creative ones, I don’t see why this case doesn’t have one model for them.

  • Jacquelyn says:

    This bag can be switched from right to left.. the seperate layer is not permanent fixed to the bag, so just switch the sides if you want to … only how you carry it, is on the right side.

    I totally forgot to write that … my fault.

  • Raymond says:

    That second pic shows a unibody MBP glass screen with a pre-unibody MBP keyboard..haha

  • gax907 says:

    umm…switch it to the left side? its not impossible.

  • TV says:

    What if I’m not a Macbook person? Is it still gonna fit?

  • alysse says:

    This is what I have been looking for, but where can it be purchased.

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