Where the #@$% is the Bus?!

If you’ve ever taken the bus you know the whole waiting part can be a total drag. It’s usually my luck that I’ll be tempted by the nearest snack shop, run in for something quick, and end up missing my ride! This smart bus shelter design, imagined specifically for the city of Dublin, syncs with buses to provide riders with a visual indication of estimated wait times through simple, color-changing LED panels.

Designed for Dublin’s bid to the 2014 World Design Capital, designer John McGowan also thought the shelter should reflect characteristics of the city. The protective roof is composed primarily of fiberglass-reinforced concrete which is then coated in a thin layer of bronze; a material with deep historical roots in Ireland. Contrasting the traditional material, the form takes inspiration from Dublin’s Spire monument, an architectural design that has been heralded as one of the few to compliment the city’s traditional style.

Designer: John McGowan