All-Metal AirTag Carabiner Secures Your Valuables with Apple’s Iconic Design

If you’re like me and tend to forget things, you’ve probably got an AirTag already or at least thought about getting one. But here’s the thing: AirTags aren’t designed to work on their own. Apple expects you to shell out extra for an AirTag ‘holder’ just to attach it to your keys, bags, or other belongings. And, sure, you can buy Apple’s version, but there’s always a better alternative out there. Enter the AirTag Carabiner – an all-metal clip that securely houses your AirTag in a sleek, hollow form.

Designer: Saegusa Design

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Why the AirTag Carabiner Stands Out

Durable, Reliable, and Stylish

The AirTag Carabiner sandwiches your Apple AirTag between two CNC-machined layers of Steel, Brass, or Duralumin alloy, making it robust, reliable, and easy to clip onto any of your belongings. It’s like a tiny vault for your AirTag, giving it the protection it needs.

All-Metal Build for Superior Strength

Unlike flimsy leather or plastic holders, this all-metal carabiner is built to last. Whether it’s Steel, Brass, or Duralumin, this thing will stand up to the rough and tumble of everyday life. After all, an AirTag isn’t useful if its holder breaks or falls apart, right?

Choose Your Perfect Carabiner


  • Appearance: Signature golden hue
  • Weight: Heaviest
  • Feature: Develops a unique patina over time that gradually darkens


  • Appearance: Sleek, balanced look
  • Weight: Moderate
  • Feature: Offers a balance between weight and aesthetics


  • Appearance: Lightweight, durable alloy
  • Weight: Lightest
  • Feature: Combines durability with portability

Made-to-Order Craftsmanship

This AirTag Carabiner is the result of high-quality materials and the labor of extremely talented professionals from Japan.

Carabiners are usually made by melting down metal, which is then poured into casting. This means that many carabiners can be made quite cheaply, especially overseas where labor costs are lower.

These Carabiners are different because they use solid metal! Each one is meticulously CNC-machined from a solid block of Steel, Brass, or Duralumin, resulting in unmatched precision and durability. The precision processing takes longer, but the result is a superior product.

Who Should Get the AirTag Carabiner?

  • Adventurers: Secure your AirTag to your backpack, bike, or gear and track your belongings anywhere.
  • Frequent Travelers: Clip onto luggage or carry-ons to keep tabs on your items.
  • Everyday Forgetful: Never misplace your keys or bag again with this secure, stylish AirTag Carabiner.

Conclusion: An AirTag Holder That’s Built to Last

If you’re looking for a better way to secure your AirTag, the AirTag Carabiner is your answer. Whether you go for the vintage brass look or the sleek steel finish, this holder is built to last. Say goodbye to those flimsy plastic and leather holders and invest in a reliable, all-metal carabiner that keeps your AirTag safe and adds a touch of style.

Click Here to Buy Now: $107 $119 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Apple Event sales end in 24 hours!