The Levoop is a super-duper coffee scooper!

From the people who brought us the Levoons, aka the leveling spoons, and even the Nutella Spatula, comes the Levoop. A portmanteau of the words level and scoop, the Levoop is exactly that. Designed to be a large scooping spoon, the Levoop is much larger than the Levoons, and allows for precise measurements using scoops as a unit, as opposed to spoonfuls. It also comes with a leveling ring that lets you quickly and cleverly level off whatever you’re scooping with the swift action of your thumb. A movable ring around the periphery of the scoop clears off anything above the scoop’s rim, leaving you with a perfectly measured out scoopful that you can then use in your cooking.

While the Levoons and their small sizes are perfect for confectionery or regular cooking, the Levoop makes much more sense for things like coffee or protein powder… or even cooking/baking in larger quantities!

The Levoop is a winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award for the year 2018

Designer: Dreamfarm

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