HMD’s Clamshell “Boring Phone” is a nightmare for productivity but lifesaver for offline social life

Smartphone usage has become a nemesis for people of all generations, and this addiction isn’t going to die anytime soon. Some try to get out of the clutches with strong willpower, others try to restrict themselves with minimalist phones, and most of us simply give in to the temptation of using the smart device. Eventually, those who can’t limit their screen time succumb to the overhyped online world and damage their mental well-being.

The idea here is to get super bored with your phone, so that you barely find it interesting, to concentrate on more fruitful activities. That’s what HMD Global wants to achieve with a translucent flip phone developed in collaboration with Heineken and Boston-based creative streetwear firm, Bodega. The flip device carries a retro vibe and lets you connect with friends and family via phone calls or SMS. Yes, no social media or other time churning apps on this one folks. Not even the freedom to connect at 5G speeds. Can you take that challenge up when everything around you seems ultra boring, and you have nothing to fall back on?

Designer: HMD, Heineken and Bodega

Those who have seen or owned the Nokia 2660 Flip will instantly be hit by nostalgia, as this tech-handicapped device is based on the retro flip phone. The transparent casing paired with the monochrome theme makes the Boring phone interesting, at least looks-wise. There’s holographic Bodega and Heineken branding all over the device’s rear to pep up its desirability quotient. Functionally the device is super boring but looks steal the limelight here.

The barebones specifications will not interest nerds we are sure, as it comes with a 2.8-inch QVGA (240x320px) primary display and a 1.77-inch cover screen. On the rear, there’s a 0.3MP camera with an LED flash, but don’t bank on this to take normal photos you are used to even in broad daylight. To kill your time, there a snake game, FM radio (goodbye Spotify and Deezer), and a headphone jack to listen to your collection of songs.

128GB of storage should be more than enough to host your collection and if that isn’t enough you can expand it via a microSD card slot. The 1,450mAh battery lasts at least a week on standby and 20 hours on calls. HMD has fitted dual SIM slots and 4G connectivity, thank god for that if you ultimately buy this phone and decide to go on an adventure spree!

The Boring Phone is limited to just 5,000 units worldwide and it won’t be available to buy, spoiler alert. HMD will hand out the transparent flip phone to users via giveaways, competitions and consumer engagement events. This will start at the Milan Design Week on 18 April, and if you want to reclaim your offline social life, find a way to acquire one!