Cozy & Serene Hut Lounge Bed Is The Perfect Outdoor Furniture Design For Your Yard

It is the peak Spring season with birds chirping in the air, and trees looking greener and prettier than ever! Spring is currently in full swing, and it is the perfect time to spend your days in the outdoors, taking in some fresh air, and letting the lovely spring sun soak through our skin. There couldn’t be a better time to be in your backyard! I mean, you can do a lot in your backyard! We shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, as they can be major spaces of fun, recreation, and relaxation. And a lovely addition to your backyard could be the Hut Lounge Bed by Marco Lavit for Ethimo.

Designer: Marco Lavit for Ethimo

The Hut Lounge Bed is a wonderful furniture design for the outdoors by designer Marco Lavit for the Italian outdoor furniture company Ethimo. Designed to provide you with a cozy space to relax and unwind in, and to function as a peaceful place to lounge about in, the Hut Lounge Bed lets you soak in some sun, and connect with nature. It is equipped with a conical, and semi-enclosed shape with makes you feel protected, while also allowing you to truly relax.

“Hut is a unique nest on a human scale, a place to pause and regenerate,” said Lavit. “A habitat where the alternating rhythm of the slats creates gaps that filter perception of this space, in a natural dialogue between inside and out.” The Hut is built using Accoya wood construction and features little gaps between the slats, which allow sunlight to stream in, while a massive circular mattress invites you in, and looks like a wonderful space for a nap. Accoya wood is an excellent material of choice since it is a high-performance modified wood that features a non-toxic treatment and can handle years of exposure to the elements and weather.

The wood is complemented by a circular metal rail which lets you hang a curtain to offer some privacy, or to provide some protection against the sun. The Hut Lounge Wood is a perfect fit for your backyard during the spring season, when the weather is kind, and nature is in full bloom.