The Ultimate Efficiency with this EDC Tool Featuring Pen, Light, and Pry Bar All in One

The BoltLite is an ingenious everyday carry (EDC) tool that melds exceptional functionality with sleek aesthetics. Crafted from Gr5 Titanium, it offers superb durability and a lightweight feel, making it suitable for daily use and the rigors of outdoor activities. This versatile tool features a bolt-action pen for consistent writing, a flexible flashlight for illumination, and a mini pry bar for practical utility, meeting the diverse needs of modern users. With its effective design and appealing look, The BoltLite is a valuable addition to any gadget collection, enhancing efficiency and preparedness for professionals, adventurers, and anyone who values functionality and style in their everyday gear.

Designer: TiMate

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A bolt-action pen is at the heart of the BoltLite’s design and is known for its dependable writing performance. This feature caters to a wide range of users, from executives who need a reliable pen for official documents to artists and writers who value a smooth, continuous flow for their creative processes. The tactile feedback from the bolt-action mechanism enhances the overall user experience, reflecting the detailed engineering that goes into each component of The BoltLite. Furthermore, the pen is equipped with a LAMY M22 refill, which provides a smooth and consistent ink flow, ensuring reliable performance under various conditions without smudging or fading.

This EDC pen also features a detachable micro flashlight, engineered with versatility in mind. It comes equipped with adjustable brightness settings and a magnetic quick-release mechanism, allowing for swift changes between functions. Additionally, it boasts a powerful strobe mode, capable of emitting up to 300 lumens to ensure preparedness in emergencies. This feature makes the BoltLite an indispensable tool, providing dependable illumination in any condition—from navigating dark corridors to offering a stable light source during power outages. Its wide variety of functionality makes it a must-have accessory in both everyday scenarios and critical moments.

The mini pry bar is seamlessly integrated into its design, making it readily available for a variety of tasks, such as opening boxes, prying open cans, or doubling as a screwdriver when necessary. This feature significantly reduces the need for multiple separate tools, thereby enhancing the efficiency and compactness of the user’s toolkit.

The overall design includes a Type-C charging port, enabling quick and efficient charging of the flashlight, which can sustain up to four hours of continuous use. The tool is also equipped with an IPX8 waterproof rating, ensuring reliable performance in all weather conditions, which is particularly beneficial for users who frequently encounter wet or muddy environments. Additionally, tritium slots are integrated into the design to improve visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring that The BoltLite is always easy to locate.

Known for its innovative features and practical design, The BoltLite is designed to be highly accessible and ready for use at any moment. Key features such as the dual-direct detachable clip and keychain hole enhance its portability, making it easy to attach to a shirt pocket, keychain, or backpack. This adaptability ensures that The BoltLite is always within reach and ready for action, making it a valuable tool for anyone who prioritizes preparedness and efficiency in their everyday carry items.

Various Carry Options(Hole for attachment & Back clip)

Click Here to Buy Now: $75 $99 (24% off). Hurry, only 19 of 440 left!