AI-powered robot vacuum concept brings both brains and heart to your cleaning chores

A lot of people like me leave the house early in the morning and return late at night just to rest and sleep. I rarely have time and energy to actually clean the house thoroughly. But of course you need to make time to get rid of dust or else your health and your peace of mind will be affected. Robot vacuums are the best friends of those who need a bit of clean up without exerting much energy and we’re seeing a lot of options and concepts for this kind of cleaning tool.

Designer: Raye

Hestia is a concept for one such tool, named after the Greek goddess of the hearth and the home because it protects your home from germs and dust. It is basically a robot vacuum cleaner but it uses AI technology to make the cleaning process easier and more convenient. The AI, together with the ultrasonic sensors located on both sides, helps the cleaner set a path to clean your home and also avoid obstacles (probably as long as you don’t leave random things lying around your floor). It has two rear wheels that can give it a good “kick” while the front wheels lets it go forward and sideways.

The vacuum itself looks like a small, flat robot with a small head on top. It has an external display that shows off the “emotion” of the robot with its camera and lidor sensor while the Demeter CPU enables the smart space cleaning feature. The default face is its normal, tranquil mode while the cleaning mode shows off an angry face because of the dirt and dust she needs to clean. When the battery is low, it shows off a weak face. The monitor also displays the battery level and the cleaning process.

The Hestia robot vacuum cleaner uses anodized aluminum and polycarbonate material so you get a more “sophisticated” but clean and minimalist look. The charging station which looks like the robot’s mother ship is able to empty the dustbin so you can just gather all the dirt and dust inside it for disposal later on. It seems like something that will greatly benefit people like me who are too busy (or sometimes lazy) to do regular cleaning.