This $144 battle rope boasts a clever ‘ropeless’ compact design for small homes and anywhere workouts

Whether you set up a home gym or have a gold membership at the fitness center down the street, you can always have a reason to skip the workout. But if you are among those who can skip a beat but not a session with the battle ropes; you would need the Z-Rope! A ropeless battle rope solution without the installation challenges, noise problems, and accessibility restrictions.

We come by hundreds of CrossFit accessories that vouch by their heart to assist you with full-body workout anywhere, any time. The new Z-Rope differs from them at the usability and functionality level. It’s highly portable, lightweight, and is an accessory that would let you indulge in high-intensity training in pin-drop silence. Just mind your breath, grunting, and foots taps, please!

Designer: Zest Up 

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It’s not easy to make space for fitness equipment in your apartment or carry all the routine accessories when you’re traveling for work or leisure. In either case you are deprived of choices and/or either have to settle for less or go without exercise. Z-Rope steps up as a solution worth considering for two reasons: it is a ropeless battle rope that fits conveniently in your backpack (measures 19×1.5 inches and weighs less than 2 pounds), and can let you workout like you would with battle ropes – without disruptive noises, furniture damage, or potential setup costs – at the convenience of the home or wherever your life takes you.

The Z-Rope is thus tailored for small spaces and gym enthusiasts who travel and find it difficult to get gyms with battle ropes in their locality. It enables the user to not only reap the benefits of battle rope workout, but the makers say, it can help them with 13+ workouts, including cardio and strength training at personal convenience. The full-power training with the ropeless battle rope can help, “effectively in building muscle, stamina, and endurance,” the makers note. For reference, 10 minutes of intense workout with the Z-Rope can provide cardiovascular benefits equivalent to an hour of tennis or 2 hours of running.

As for the design; the baton-like Z-Rope is highly durable. A pair features comfortable EVA foam handles attached to elastic springs. This design – without the ropes – mimics the wave movement of traditional battle ropes – operating almost noiselessly, so that you can exercise freely at home or in your hotel room late at night or in the early hours of the day. Like with the traditional battle ropes, the Z-Rope has been tested to not only help users with the strength training of arms and upper body, it also assists in toning the core muscles and provides strength and substance to the lower body through consistent use.

The Z-Rope is perfect for on-the-go workouts but also for compact homes where storing gym equipment becomes a bit of a hassle. Measuring just 19 inches long and weighing 900 grams (1.9 pounds), the Z-Rope unlocks a healthy lifestyle without the size, price, and commitment of a Peloton. The Z-Rope starts at just $144 and begins shipping as soon as May 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $144 $180 (20% off) Hurry! Only 5 Days Left. Raised over $315,000.