Carbon Fiber Purisme Letter Opener Review

Pure luxe, that’s how I’m going to start off this review. Carbon fiber is a favorite material of ours here at Yanko Design as seen in much of branding collateral. Woven carbon set in epoxy -that’s all it is yet quality is dictated by a level of craftsmanship normally reserved for one of a kind products. We got our hands on the Purisme Carbon Fiber Letter Opener by designer Mario Zeppetzauer. It’s an expensive proposition for opening envelopes but one every dapper individual must own. I am smitten.

I’m not the only one who agrees. The Purisme Letter Opener is also a Red Dot 2008 and Bio.21 award winner. That’s an impressive list of accolades for something most people wouldn’t even consider “designing.”

If you’ve never laid bare eyes on carbon fiber before – make sure you do on something of quality. Done right, the shimmering 3D effect is futuristic. The woven pattern glitters and ripples as light passes across from different angles. The letter opener itself is incredibly lightweight, barely 17 gr. The handle is smoothly carved to fit easily in palm. The shaft looks deceptively sharp but it’s quite blunt. It measures 25 cm in length. The true test is opening envelopes without veering off and it performs admirably.

For 350 Euros ($450 U.S.), you’d probably pass it up for a standard plastic or metal opener. No, the Purisme Letter Opener isn’t for everyone but for those who appreciate modern design, luxury, and a little opulence, you can’t beat it. It comes beautifully packaged in a felt lined case usually reserved for hand crafted pens. From stem to stern, it oozes steely luxury.

Designer: Mario Zeppetzauer for Purisme


  • fanatixx says:

    I mostly use email for my communication.
    Also, composite materials are generally considered environmental unfriendly as the mix of materials is impossible to pick apart in recycling. So its not really a material for the future unless/until someone clever figures out a way to dispose of it properly.

  • dec says:

    I have seen it in person on BIO21. and it wasn’t awarded on BIO. It shows that design is not only rational, emotions and art are important as well, but I do not consider it a masterpiece.
    It can win someones heart, not an award…

    PS: Recycling doesn’t matter in luxury objects they are rarely thrown away…

  • Carl says:

    Recycling matters in every object created..!
    i dont think this design goes far enough. as the user/purchaser is mega wealthy why not use ivory or mahogony with conflict diamonds on it? can design ever go too far?

  • Eric says:

    I could see if you wanted to make it out of cardboard how environmentally friendly it would be, but how functional? Don’t get me wrong I know there is other things that could be used to make it green, but honestly, if you decide to use carbon strength anything isn’t it obvious you don’t want it to break down or weaken ever? Beautiful opener, I bet it works amazingly.

  • olbae says:

    it looks nice but on the otherhand, it seems like
    some kind of warm. i’d prefer steel one

  • su xiaoping says:

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