Top 10 Automotive-Inspired LEGO Builds That Will Have Automobile + LEGO Aficionados Drooling

Building LEGOs was something I loved as a child. I could spend hours putting together intricate and mesmerizing LEGO builds, that did have the potential to fall apart in mere seconds. However, LEGO is no longer simply considered child’s play. Masterbuilders and creators spend days and weeks building precise and astounding LEGO creations that will truly blow your mind away. And, this collection of LEGO designs is dedicated to automotives! We’ve put together a collection of exquisite and finely detailed LEGO builds inspired by cars and bikes. These creations will have motorcar aficionados drooling at the mouth!

1. LEGO Yamaha MT-10 SP

This LEGO Yamaha MT-10 SP is put together with the same attention to detail as all Technic creations usually possess. As you put it together, piece by piece, you are overcome by an extreme sense of satisfaction. It is equipped with realistic function and movement of a chain drive, 3-speed transmission, 4-cylinder engine, working steering, as well as front and rear suspension. These little features are like a cherry on the icing, adding more realism to an already excellent LEGO build.

2. LEGO Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 Performance Set

This LEGO Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 Performance Set is the latest addition to LEGO Technic’s collection of motorsports replicas. It is a 1/8 scale model that you can build piece by piece using the 1642 individual LEGO bricks, in turn creating a LEGO build that is 13 cm tall, 63 cm long, and 26 cm wide. It has a stark black color, to ensure the carbon parts don’t get painted, which in turn reduces that tiny amount of weight. The exquisite F1 car is crafted with extreme attention to detail.

3. LEGO Batmobile

TaeYang Lee designed a Batmobile inspired by the movie’s insane rollercoaster plot! He discovered Mecabricks, a LEGO modeling tool, and used it to create this super cool build. Much like the on-screen Batmobile, this mesmerizing creation is also set in a dark gloomy world, which adds layers of depth and darkness to the automotive’s sinister character. It features a matte black color, toughened wheel rims, and a reinforced bumper build for the kill.

4. 10321 Corvette LEGO Icons Set

This adorable little 10321 Corvette LEGO Icons set pays tribute to the first-ever Vette which rolled out on June 30, 1953. It has a beautiful build accentuated with a bright red exterior, which perfectly displays the original key details of the real version. These little details include the hard or open-top configuration, opening hood, and the truck that accommodates the V8 engine replica with a spinning radiator fan.

5. LEGO McLaren F1 MP4 Ayrton Senna

LEGO Speed Champions and Technic lineup added a LEGO build in the form of the McLaren F1 MP4 Ayrton Senna in a beautiful tribute to Ayrton Senna – an undisputed legend of motor racing. This wonderful set includes 693 pieces, and it features a Senna minifigure on a podium, holding the winner’s trophy with a plate engraved with the photo and quote, with the Mclaren next to him in power mode.

6. LEGO Back To The Future Time Machine

The LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine is improved, detailed, and better than ever! The jazzed-up build features a Flux Capacitor light brick, gull-wing doors, and printed dashboard dates. You can add the different equipment from the different parts of the movie – including the lightning rod from the first film, and the hood-mounted circuit from Part III.

7. LEGO Peugeot 9X8

LEGO builder Brick-A-Brac paid tribute to Peugeot’s 9X8, and returned to the FIA World Endurance Championship with his own LEGO build of the 9X8 supercar. The creation is made from 1320 parts, and it measures 20 inches long. It features an extraordinary amount of detail, including all the branded graphics on the car’s body. The build features a sleek design, impressive size, and immense attention to detail, making it a rare GEM that LEGO + car enthusiasts will love!

8. LEGO FedEx Iconic Truck

LEGO fan David Clavijo designed FedEx’s iconic truck using LEGO bricks in celebration of FedEx’s 50th anniversary. The company boasts an inspiring workforce of over 500,000 employees, a fleet of 700+ aircraft, and 200,000 vehicles. This unique build pays tribute to the company! The truck is covered in white, with the FedEx logo on the front, and the side. It even features a diamond-shaped DOT hazardous chemicals flip sign on the front.

9. LEGO McLaren F1 Car

This LEGO replica of the 2021 season Formula-1 car is truly jaw-dropping! It is nine times the size of the collectible LEGO version which was a massive hit. But, the 1:1 LEGO variant is at a completely different level altogether. A lot of time and effort was put into creating, precisely 1893 man-hours of putting together 288,135 LEGO bricks, to build this 5.7-meter-long, 2.4-meter-wide structure.

10. The LEGO M 1000 RR

This LEGO interpretation of the M 1000 RR measures under 18 inches long and is 10 inches tall. It is made using 1920 individual LEGO pieces, which makes it a satisfying exercise of putting it together! It is one of the largest ever bike sets, and it is a must-have for model building and bike aficionados since the realism is mirrored. It features functional intricate components, including the 4 piston engine, a three-speed gearbox, an upside fork with the rear swingarm suspension, and the dashboard with the three display options.