This EDC’s Millisecond-Deploy Mechanism and ‘Vanchor’ Lock make it the ultimate Tactical Pocket Knife

Vosteed’s new locking mechanism makes their latest pocket knife a must-have. The ‘Vanchor Lock’ builds on the best features of all existing locking mechanisms, delivering reliability, safety, and swift, single-handed deployment in the blink of an eye. Combine that with the Ankylo’s ridiculously sharp Bohler Elmax steel blade and its ergonomic aluminum handle and you’ve got yourself a tactical knife that’s a treat for eyes and a savior of lives…

Designer: Vosteed

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On the surface, the Vosteed Ankylo looks like a pretty well-made EDC designed for all sorts of tasks. It’s rugged without overplaying the rugged aesthetic, is peppered with functional details that make it a great knife to use, and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The knife sports an all-metal design that gives it heft and weight, while allowing you to maneuver it confidently. On the front sits a 3.18″ medium-sized reverse-tanto blade that’s great for cutting, piercing, whittling, scraping, and self-defence. The blade, made from Bohler Elmax steel, is harder than most, making it perfect for all sorts of cutting activities. The reverse tanto profile’s character is accentuated by the blade’s curved belly, which allows you to rock the knife while cutting. A finger groove at the base of the knife lets you comfortably rest your index finger, textured jimping on the top gives you a perfect place to rest your thumb, and a cutout in the blade allows you to swiftly deploy the blade from within the knife.

The Vosteed Ankylo’s unique Vanchor mechanism allows for fast and reliable deployment

The Ankylo’s crown jewel, however, is hidden away from sight within its aluminum body. While most knives have a liner lock, frame lock, or button lock, the Ankylo opts for something even better. The folks at Vosteed realized that while all three locking mechanisms were great, they all had their own trade-offs too. Some either made the knife weak, while others were tough to use with one hand. Designed to mitigate any of these drawbacks, the Ankylo boasts what Vosteed calls a ‘Vanchor’ lock. This patented locking mechanism is CNC-machined from a plate of stainless steel, and is secured by a magnetic button that lets you easily deploy or retract the blade. Unlike most locking mechanisms, the Vanchor lets you open or shut your knife in mere milliseconds with a single hand – a feature so incredibly captivating that it becomes a fidget activity too. When deployed, the Vanchor plate reinforces the blade, acting almost as a tang to give your knife stability and durability during use.

Deploy and use the Ankylo even with gloves on

It’s this Vanchor lock, combined with the Ankylo’s all-metal design that makes it such a pocket powerhouse. Whether it’s something benign as opening boxes, something as difficult as carving wood, or even something as mission-critical as self-defence, the Ankylo’s size, construction, ergonomics, and Elmax steel blade all play their part in the knife’s grand choreography. The blade cutout lets you deploy your knife instantly (even with gloves on), going from 0 to 100 in mere milliseconds, while a satisfying button lets you just as quickly shut the blade right back in. When you’re not using the Ankylo, chances are your thumb and forefinger will find themselves fidgeting wth it, almost like one would with a butterfly knife.

The Ankylo comes in 6 color variants all sporting a 6061 space-grade aluminum handle, that patented Vanchor lock, and the quick-deploying Elmax steel blade. The knife measures a respectable 4.5 7 inches long when closed, opening up to a mid-size 7.75 inches in length which is in the sweet spot for a good, ergonomic mid-sized knife. Each knife weighs 4.76 ounces or 135 grams (optimized for reliability and maneuverability), and you can choose from 6 CMF variants, which feature a choice between handle colors, handle textures, and even a regular or black stonewashed blade. The Ankylo knife, which gathered much support at last year’s BladeShow West 2023, begins shipping in June this year.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159 $169 ($10 off) Hurry! Only 167 left of 700. Raised over $120,000.