YouTuber custom builds coffee machine into a PC for freshly brewed cup of Joe at work

If you’re someone like Martina of YouTube channel Nerdforge, who craves a cup of coffee after lunch, or maybe during work, you don’t have to get up and hit the kitchen anymore. Martina has built herself a PC case mod that brews a perfect cup of coffee with the touch of a button. And if you’re an ardent coffee buff, she has a detailed video on how you can try and build a PC that also makes coffee in a quick and efficient manner.

This PC with a built in coffee maker brews and dispense a hot cup of coffee whenever you want, but the process of building it from scratch hasn’t been easy. The idea started with, what if there was a coffee maker installed right into the PC, you wouldn’t have to get up and fetch a cup when you wanted it after lunch. And so, the modification started with the empty Corsair Obsidian 1000D tower case, which was considered big enough to fit the coffee machine.

Designer: Nerdforge

The humungous PC case was needed because Martina did not want to install a pod coffee maker. She wanted the entire machine: from bean grinder to brewer and dispenser, all-in-one, functioning glitch-free on a press of a button. The PC case was first cleared of the side panels and obstruction on the right where the coffee mug would need space to move in and out. Then the bean grinder was first trimmed to fit into the case with 3D printed pipes, funnels and attachments connecting it to the brewing machine.

Martina removed the coffee container from the dispenser to replace it with a mug that could be easily accessed by the user. Once the hardware was ready, the recreated coffee machine was connected to an Arduino (by Martina’s partner Hansi) to be able to control it using just one button. The machine grinds, brews, and dispense a savory cup of coffee in one breath, with all the precision. The duo has added a visual progress bar to see where the coffee making process has reached. Also, provided is a sensor that ensure the coffee never begins brewing until there is a cup in the holder.

Although everything in the video is all about the installation of the coffee machine in the PC case, it has been fitted with capable innards to deliver computing needs. It comes installed with Intel Core i7-14700K processor and an Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti graphics. Other details are scanty, but the PC is air-cooled to ensure it can keep the temperature on both – coffee machine and PC – sides effectively cooled. Finally, for an impressive and aesthetically pleasing look, Martina decorated the case mod with stained wood on both the inside and the outside, and finished the look with LED lights.