LEGO Yamaha MT-10 SP is a mechanical marvel with functional gearbox, engine and intricate components

LEGO Technic creations and iconic wheels have a long brewing association that every collector fancies. More so, if it’s a superbike that gets the scaled-down replica model every builder likes to invest time in and then sport on the living room shelf.

BMW fans got their wishes granted with the intricate M 1000 RR LEGO set and now Yamaha fans will satiate their lust of putting together their own MT-10 SP (a.k.a King of MT) for the love of it. Going a few levels higher in terms of realism this LEGO set has detailed mechanical components, making it a unique collectors kit for automotive fans.

Designer: LEGO Technic

Just like any other Technic creation on wheels, this one carries the same attention to detail that gives you the satisfaction of putting together the thing piece by piece. The cherry on top is the realistic function and movement of a chain drive, 4-cylinder engine, 3-speed transmission, front and rear suspension and working steering.

The 1:5 scaled-down model of the bike has working gear components like a shifting drum, a shift fork, shift ring, and tensioner drum. Although you can only change three gears compared to the six on the real thing. That in itself is an intricate LEGO gearbox design to separately show off by the bike’s side.

When fully assembled the 1,478 brick set measures 25 cm in height, 44 cm in length, and 15 cm in width. You can either place the Yamaha MT-10 SP on the bike’s side stand or the dedicated display stand. Another interesting feature of the kit is that you can use the augmented reality feature to open the LEGO app on your phone to view the interesting overlays. Again, you can see the gearbox in motion in this AR interface – as good as seeing the real thing in action.

This jaw-dropping Technic series set will be available on 1 August for a price tag of $239,99. Given how surreal the bike is both in function and looks, it is a steal for that amount of money.