Drive the Dream: Inside Pininfarina’s Exclusive Batman-Inspired Electric Hypercars

Have you ever fantasized about touring Gotham City in style—not in the Batmobile, but in something a bit more environmentally friendly? Fasten your seatbelts, eco-warriors, and comic book fans, because Automobili Pininfarina has transformed that dream into a luxurious reality designed for the Bruce Wayne in each of us.

Designer: Automobili Pininfarina +

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX B95 Dark Knight

Bruce Wayne—the billionaire by day and caped crusader by night—has inspired an ultra-exclusive lineup of electric vehicles that redefine hypercar luxury and blend technological sophistication with environmental consciousness. Available with just a click, these electric dream machines come in two stunning versions, each of the B95 hyper Barchetta and Battista hyper GT. Decked out in color palettes so sharp they’ve surely earned a nod from Wayne Enterprises, these models are a testament to cutting-edge design. Now, let’s dive into what sets each model apart.

Design Philosophies Converged

Both versions share a base of ultra-high performance and sustainable technology but diverge dramatically in their aesthetic expressions. The “Gotham” models exude daytime elegance and open luxury, appealing to those who prefer their wealth to whisper rather than shout. In contrast, the “Dark Knight” models are all about the allure of the night, offering a more brooding, powerful presence that’s perfect for anyone who wants to command the road with a look as sharp as Batman’s own gadgets.

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX B95 Gotham

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX Battista Dark Knight

Through these designs, Automobili Pininfarina skillfully blends advanced technology with luxurious craftsmanship, vividly reflecting the dual nature of one of pop culture’s most iconic characters. Whether you lean towards the light or embrace the shadows, there’s a dream car waiting to bring that fantasy to life.

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX Battista Dark Knight Interior

Gotham Version: The Polished Magnate

The Gotham versions of the B95 and Battista models reflect Bruce Wayne’s daytime character – sophisticated, elegant, and subtly powerful. These cars feature:

  • Color Palette: Both Gotham models are dressed in Argento Vittorio gloss paint, a silver tone that reflects Bruce Wayne’s polished, public-facing side. The bodywork is complemented by a Nero Torino gloss paint ‘Goccia’ roof, adding a sleek, understated contrast.

  • Interior Upholstery: The upholstery is made of distinctive tan leather and exudes a warm, inviting feel. The center panels feature bespoke quilting paired with tan stitching, encapsulating a look of refined comfort.

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX B95 Gotham Interior

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX Battista Gotham Interior

  • Wheels: The Gotham Battista’s wheels are 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear, finished in a Prezioso Evoluzione gloss black face with a matt black channel rim. The Gotham B95 matches in style but adds a matt black inner and gloss black outer ring, all held together with Titan calipers and a brushed aluminum anodized black rim center lock ring.

Dark Knight Version: The Vigilante’s Edge

In contrast, the Dark Knight versions embody the night-time alter-ego of Bruce Wayne—mysterious, formidable, and always one step ahead. These models feature:

  • Color Palette: Both Dark Knight vehicles’ livery is a deep black Nero Profondo gloss paint that mirrors the Bat suit. The ‘Goccia’ roof maintains the Nero Torino finish, enhancing the vehicle’s menacing and stealthy aesthetic.

  • Interior Upholstery: Here, the Dark Knight theme opts for a more dramatic black Alcantara and black leather, stitched together with a striking black and gold duo-tone contrast stitch. This choice reflects the utilitarian yet exceptional nature of Batman’s gear.

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX B95 Dark Knight Interior

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX Battista Dark Knight Interior

  • Wheels: The wheels on both Dark Knight models are finished with Glorioso ceramic-polished rims, lending an extra edge of sophistication and mystery, perfectly aligning with the Dark Knight’s enigmatic presence.

Unique Design Elements Shared and Contrasted

Both versions share some cutting-edge features, yet they are tailored to match their respective themes:

  • Wayne Enterprises Logos: Subtly placed on the side skirts and roof, the logo is a constant reminder of the high-tech world Bruce Wayne inhabits.

  • Voice Inspired by Alfred Pennyworth: This feature adds a personal touch reminiscent of Bruce Wayne’s most trusted friend.

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX Battista Dark Knight Interior

  • Roof and Door Design: The Dark Knight cars come with a more aggressive styling, while the Gotham cars opt for a large portion of curved glass roofing, enhancing the interior’s light and airy feel.

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX Battista Dark Knight Top View

Automobili Pininfarina + BruceWayneX B95 Dark Knight Top View

Enter the Bat…tista?

What if Bruce Wayne designed an electric vehicle? Enter the Battista from Automobili Pininfarina, a marvel that defines a luxury electric hypercar. Displayed exclusively at a VIP event in NYC—Bruce Wayne’s kind of town—this vehicle combines high-class luxury with groundbreaking sustainability.

Automobili Pininfarina Battista in NY

The Battista is the world’s first all-electric hyper GT, boasting four electric motors that power up to an extraordinary 1,900 horsepower. This setup enables a breathtaking acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 1.86 seconds, with a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). It’s faster than a Formula 1 car, yet it emits zero emissions, thanks to its 120 kWh lithium-ion battery that also delivers a driving range of up to 476 km (296 miles).

This hypercar doesn’t just fly on the roads—it lands with grace, too, thanks to Brembo’s advanced carbon-ceramic brakes. The Battista stops on a dime, ensuring every high-speed adventure ends as safely as it begins, with no wings required.

Inside, luxury meets the latest technology. The cabin features a trio of high-definition screens positioned around the steering wheel, offering intuitive control and seamless access to vehicle functions and infotainment. This is a car that cocoons its driver in comfort while making no compromises on delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

The Battista embodies high performance without the environmental toll. It blends extreme speed with a zero-emission footprint, all wrapped up in a sleek, carbon fiber body that’s as stylish as it is efficient.

From Silver Screen to Green Scene

What ties these vehicles back to their comic book roots, apart from the names? Each model sports intricate details like Wayne Enterprises logos and bespoke quilting that whispers luxury. Whether you’re looking for the elegant tan leather of the Gotham spec or the brooding black Alcantara of the Dark Knight design, these cars meld fantasy with reality, proving once again that dreams can come true—with a hefty dose of cutting-edge tech and deep pockets.

Automobili Pininfarina isn’t just throwing around big names and fancy tech to sell cars. They’re creating a narrative that extends beyond the showroom. This collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC writes a vivid chapter in luxury automotive history, pushing the envelope on what electric vehicles can represent—beyond mere solutions to emissions, they are symbols of a lavish, aspirational lifestyle.

So, keep your eyes peeled whether you’re a comic book geek, a luxury enthusiast, or someone who marvels at the crossroads of innovation and entertainment. Bruce Wayne might roll up next to you at the traffic lights in an EV that’s as silent as the night but speaks volumes.