LEGO Tributes 50 Years of FedEx with this adorable brick-based Truck and Deliveryman

With FedEx’s 50th anniversary approaching, what started as founder Frederick W. Smith’s college term paper idea has evolved into a vast transportation, delivery, and business services corporation. Boasting a workforce of over 500,000 employees, a fleet of 700+ aircraft, and a staggering 200,000 vehicles, FedEx successfully delivers nearly 15 million packages every business day! To commemorate this behemoth, architect and full-time LEGO fa David Clavijo decided to build out FedEx’s most recognizable element using LEGO Bricks – the FedEx truck.

Designer: Daniel Clavijo

Clavijo’s build comes complete with a LEGO truck that features two opening doors and a boot that’s loaded with cargo packages. Of course, each truck is also piloted by a FedEx delivery driver in their iconic navy blue uniform.

The truck itself is incredibly true to its inspiration – the iconic 1996 Freightliner Van. The entire truck is covered in white, with the FedEx logo on the front as well as the side. There’s even the diamond-shaped DOT hazardous chemicals flip sign on the front, accurately capturing every element of the FedEx truck’s design.

The truck features two opening doors – a sliding door on the front that lets you access the driver’s cabin, and a rolling shutter door at the back that reveals the stacked mound of parcels of all shapes and sizes inside the truck. Clavijo also mentions that one of the sides of the truck is removable (shown below), as is the roof, letting you neatly stack the parcels inside to be transported to their destination. The LEGO FedEx Truck is currently a fan-made submission on the LEGO Ideas forum. You can vote for it here and have LEGO turn it into an official box-set!