Top 10 Medical Innovations That Are Changing & Upping The Healthcare Game

When it comes to taking care of our health, proactive action and a mindset of preparedness are always necessary. By taking the right precaution, and being prepared always, we can handle a medical emergency to the best of our ability. And the medical industry has been coming up with ingenious innovations, that are completely transforming the healthcare game. Designers have been coming up with new and improved, life-saving medical designs that not only boost medical care but also relieve some of the pressure from our tireless medical force. From an award-winning inflatable stretcher design to a copper jacket that can protect from diseases – these innovations are upping the medical arena.

1. Inflatable Stretcher

Dubbed the Inflatable Stretcher, and designed by Yu-Hsin Wu, a student of Taiwan’s Shih Chien University, this stretcher is a refreshing new upgraded version of the conventional stretcher. This stretcher carries patients from the site of the accident to the hospital in a safe and protected manner. The innovative stretcher cushions and protects the patient in the same way you would wrap someone or something in bubble wrap!

2. Cadence

Meet the Cadence concept design which is equipped with a pharmacy-grade pill sorting plate that makes it easier to organize pills, and place them where they belong. The tray is specially designed and features an opening for one day only, so you don’t accidentally place pills inside compartments that are already full. You could also simply pour the pills onto the tray, and then utilize the built-in spatula to move the exact number and kind towards the opening.

3. MedEasy

Called MedEasy, this thoughtful medicine box has been designed for the elderly. It functions as a dependable everyday companion for the older generation, as it helps them keep track of, manage, and stock their medicines. Loneliness is quite prevalent among senior citizens living alone, and this useful product aims to focus on their well-being and take better care of them, ensuring they don’t miss their medication or mix them up.

4. Withings Beamo

The Withings Beamo is a USB-shaped 4-in-1 multi-scope that keeps an eye on the vitals of your heart, and lungs, as well as temperature. Withings says that “Once, body temperature was the only health scan routinely taken at home. BeamO will revolutionize the measurement of the core vitals carried out during medical visits from the comfort of one’s own home. This crucial data will provide a vital overview of overall health or warning signs of potential areas of concern.”

5. The Ergostone Pebble

Called the Ergostone Pebble, this versatile and handy pouch is made using fine-grained sand from soapstone. The utilization of the natural mineral adds amazing heating and cooling properties to the pouch, which provides comfort to different parts of your body. The soapstone sand is tactile and placed inside the smooth shell of silicone, which allows the Pebble to gently conform to your body, while still offering heat or cold.

6. Full Metal Jacket

Meet the Full Metal Jacket by Vollebak! This jacket is built from germ-repelling metallic textiles. It utilizes a fabric with woven strands of copper, making it completely breathable, and flexible, and making sure it doesn’t make any sound as you move around. The jacket contains 11 kilometers of copper, and the apparel is strengthened by copper’s innate ability to kill any bacteria or virus that comes in contact with it.

7. Transcutaneous Oxygen Sensor

Designed by Deokhee Jeong, this wearable medical gadget helps patients suffering with any kind of disease related to peripheral capillaries like peripheral arterial disease (PAD). With such diseases, it is extremely important to take proactive action and be on your toes once it has been identified. This device keeps an eye on the earliest signs, by measuring the skin oxygen levels. The patch is wearable and is called the Transcutaneous Oxygen Sensor.

8. Wethm

Called Wethm this little device creates gentle vibrations of a train ride to slow your head down, and this is known as cardiovascular synchronization. This accessory is simple and yet effective as it uses soft and gentle sounds to lull our mind and body to sleep. This process provides us with a more peaceful and calmer state of sleep. Wethm utilizes soft buzzing to slowly wake you up, allowing you to feel fresh and recharged, ready to deal with the day!

9. Resilience Wheelchair

Dubbed the Resilience Wheelchair – this isn’t your ordinary wheelchair in the least. It transforms a conventional rugged motorized wheelchair into a rather elegant and classy chaise lounge. The wheelchair is available in choices of gray and chrome, which impart it with a sophisticated and refined touch. The chair is made from plastic and leather, providing you with utmost comfort, and a pretty pleasant tactile experience.

10. BHeart

Meet BHeart – the world’s first health tracker with an ‘endless battery’. Hearing the word endless with battery is really quite intriguing, and BHeart utilizes your own body movements to charge itself. This cuts down on your electricity bill and carbon emissions too. BHeart uses its patent-pending energy-harvesting technology to recharge itself using motion, body heat, and environmental light.