Top 10 Electric Bicycles To Adopt Green Urban Commuting In 2024

Our typical fossil-fuel-consuming means of transportation need to be replaced by greener and more environment-friendly alternatives, and Electric Bicycles are an appealing option! Not only do they curb fuel consumption and reduce automotive emissions, but they’re also a healthy source of exercise for us! I mean, not only do we get to save the Earth from air pollution, but we can also get some intense cardio done. And they’re becoming an increasingly popular option day by day. It’s estimated that the total number of electric bicycles in circulation around the world will be 300 million soon, which is an exponential increase, from 200 million back in 2019. It looks like everyone is slowly and steadily hopping onto the e-bicycle bandwagon! And, we’ve curated a whole range of innovative designs for you that caught our attention!

1. Popup Scooter

Meet the Popup Scooter – a two-wheeled electric bicycle that can be transformed into a kick scooter, or the other way round! The transformative design allows the rider to pick a configuration that suits his or her riding needs. The cycle is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that allows it to move smoothly and swiftly. The mechanism can lift an adult person, so lifting and lowering the rider’s body shouldn’t be an issue at all.

2. Electric Mobility Bicycle

This Cake bike-inspired electric bicycle takes the hybrid nature of personal commuters to a whole another level. The commuter has a modular nature that makes it ideal for different kinds of users. The bicycle takes inspiration from everyday gadgets, featuring a sleek form without compromising on the bike’s robust aesthetic at all. Although the saddle does have an awkward shape, that may not be comfy for the rider for long durations.

3. Electric Fixie

Designed by Andrey Avgust, the Electric Fixie is a fixed-gear bike with the same working principle of the genre, as well as the added and boosted capability of an electric drive, making riding on inclined roads as easy and simple as riding on level ones. The bike is equipped with traction control and regenerative braking for battery recuperation, and the latter can be controlled via the bike’s handlebar.

4. The ONEBOT-S7

The ONEBOT-S7 features an innovative three-fold structure, unlike the two-step folding design we are all accustomed to. This e-bike is ultra-compact once it is folded, making it super easy to fit into the boot of a car or slide under your workstation. The bicycle can be compressed into the smallest single unit possible, and when folded it only measures 60 cm in height and length, as well as 35 cm in width.

5. The VanMoof Bike

Dubbed the VanMoof bike, this minimal yet robust-looking bike features an amazing red and black colorway. This bike seems to be a custom version of the e-bike company’s Red Dot Award-winning S3 model, and the colorway is designed by Dao-Yi Chow, a New York-born-and-raised designer who co-created the street-savy fashion brand Public School in 2008.


Dubbed IEDEX, this electric bicycle is an exploration cycle with a generous amount of storage space to store your camping essentials without being a complete eyesore. The electric bicycle features ad-hoc space to store luggage bugs in the frame itself. The bicycle eliminates the down tube courtesy of the unibody design, unlike conventional bicycle designs.

7. Nireeka Mega eBike

The Nireeka Mega eBike is powered by the 1500W Bafang Ultra mid-drive with a peak torque of 200nm. The impressive vehicle can take you on speeds of up to 38mph and features a removable 840Wh extended battery that can easily help you reach a range of 51 miles on a single charge. It features a full-suspension geometry with 140mm travel on both ends which absorbs bumps.

8. The ENGWE X26 All-Terrain E-Bike

The ENGWE X26 all-terrain e-bike is the e-bike you need to conquer any road and distance! It features a powerful 1000W motor that can push your speed to 31 mph max. That is the maximum power, the e-bike can push out, and it also has a steady and sturdy delivery of 750W output that is greater than the average e-bike’s 500W motors.

9. PXID-A1

Called the PXID-A1, this compact electric bicycle can be folded down to the size of a small suitcase which makes it super easy to carry around. You can easily transport it in the boot, or even carry it to the office floor if your boss allows. The cycle rides on 14-inch tires, while the rear tires derive their power from the onboard electric battery for assistive riding on ascends.

10. Pendler Bike

Named the Pendler bike, this unique e-bike is a nod to the country’s deep cycling culture. It features a U-shaped frame which is essentially a thick structural element. This allows the two-wheeler to have an identifiable silhouette which caters perfectly to your urban riding needs.