ENGWE X26 E-bike conquers all terrains with its 1000W motor and dual batteries

Plenty of people have taken up biking or cycling recently, some to live a healthier lifestyle, others to escape the traffic of congested highways. Not all bikes are created equal, of course, and most are not equipped to handle different kinds of terrain. Even those that you could use to get to work and back aren’t always ready to face longer treks or rougher roads. Electric bicycles (not to be confused with electric scooters) can give you a leg up in terms of distance, but battery life and power will be perpetual concerns on the road. Whether you’re biking for sport or for work, you will probably want a bike that can handle anything and get you to your destination in comfort and in one piece, which is exactly what this monster of an E-bike brings to the table.

Designer: ENGWE Design

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Unlike purely motorized personal transportation like e-scooters, e-bikes combine battery power and leg power to get you places. It’s probably because of that factor that many e-bikes tend to skimp on the motorized parts in favor of a lighter and skinnier body. After all, you can always pedal your way completely if the battery does finally give out. Definitely plausible but hardly ideal, especially if you’re trekking roads that even your mighty legs will have trouble going through. The ENGWE X26 all-terrain e-bike, in contrast, gives you all the power you need to conquer any road and almost any distance.

Conquer Hills with Ease – A 1000W gives you the comfort to glide over sand and gravel without stop and deal with mud and mountains with ease.

The ENGWE X26’s power comes from two features that are industry firsts for this type of electric vehicle. For one, it has a powerful 1000W motor capable of pushing your speed to 31 mph max. While that’s the maximum power it can dish out, the e-bike also delivers a steady and reliable 750W output that still outruns the average e-bike’s 500W motors. All this power makes short work of rough terrains and inclines, which means that you’ll also be gliding swiftly on smoother pavement.

Climb 30% Inclines – The 1000W motor pushes it up hills just like they were flat ground.

Go from A to Z Faster – The 1000W motor gives it a 31MPH top speed, beating other eBikes that only reach 20-30MPH.

Range Up to 62 Miles – The main battery gives you a full 48 miles, while a second swappable battery adds another 14 miles to your trip.

That heavy-duty motor naturally requires more power, and the ENGWE X26 delivers a whopping 1373Wh for that purpose. The secret to this trick is the two batteries inside, one 48V/19A pack standing vertically beneath the rider’s seat and a removable 48V/9.6A battery inside the top tube. Together, the two deliver a 62-mile range that’s 1.5 times more than your typical e-bike, and you can even go the distance by swapping out a spare battery.

3 times more powerful shock absorbance than normal e-bikes.

Triple Suspension System – Integrated with solid fat tires for the maximum robust and exciting ride.

The ENGWE X26’s power doesn’t come at the sacrifice of comfort and convenience. 26in x 4in motorcycle-grade fat tires give you the best grip on the road, handling the triple threats of gravel, potholes, and rocky terrains with ease. A triple shock suspension system also makes short work of bumpy rides, absorbing shock three times better than the competition. The Shimano 8-speed gearbox lets you easily pick the sweet spot between performance and efficiency.

Given everything that it packs, the ENGWE X26 isn’t the lightest e-bike on the market, but that doesn’t make it any less portable. Its lightweight aluminum frame can be folded in half, giving access to the removable battery and allowing for easy storage. The e-bike isn’t lacking in safety features either, with a bright headlight and powerful break lights that can be a literal lifesaver in the dark. And to top it all off, there’s a built-in large LCD display to bring you up to speed on your speed, distance, and remaining battery.

The ENGWE X26 All-Terrain E-Bike is designed to be a greener alternative to cars and is built to perform just like one, too. In that context, the $1,599 price tag almost feels like a steal, especially if you’re able to avail of the super early bird discount. Just like this e-bike, ENGWE is also aggressive in its schedule, having shipped the first consolidated batch to the US and the UK last June, with local deliveries in Hong Kong starting in late August. The second batch has already started mass production, and consolidated shipping is expected to begin in August to bring this groundbreaking e-bike to backers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1599 $2699 (40% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $950,000.