Everlasting Dates

Five months into the year, and I think it’s a tad too late to discuss calendars. Not unless it’s a perpetual thang that will never outgrow the current date. Reflecting into the past, we took fancy to the Living Concept, Napkins and the World’s First Camera Lens Calendar; so this PVC & methacrylate version called (In) Finito will surely find favors with those who don’t rely on their gadgets to tell them the date!

(in)Finito is born from the superimposition in increasing size of numbered sheets.
The fragments of numbers define a geometric abstraction that, turning the page day after day, changes by declaring the current day. The perpetual dialectic between chance and rational project, between sense and nonsense, defines an aesthetic code that is imprecise but functional at the same time

Designer: Denis Guidone

(In) Finito – The Perpetual Calendar by Denis Guidone