This sleek, portable e-bike made from a single piece of aluminum has a unique three-fold mechanism

Electric bikes have never been as popular before. Of late, they are immensely in demand giving designers the freewill to perceive their idea of folding electric bicycles we would be riding in the future. Case in point the ONEBOT-S7 an electric resistance bicycle that’s polished in enthusiasm, charm and substance.

There is something really satisfying about riding past the queued-up cars in your two-wheeled EV and being able to fold it up and carry it to park under your desk when you reach your workplace. The folding e-bikes are generally small and nibble offering you the charm of portability without sacrificing the fun and convenience of commuting. The ONEBOT-S7 by designer Kinson Chan poses a series entry in this domain with its frame constructed using the die casting process. This allows the whole bicycle to be formed from a single piece of magnesium and aluminum alloy. The unibody construction renders the e-bike light and durable while offering a productivity bump up of nearly 500 percent, the designer remarks.

E-bikes are a household name now, they are a common mode of transportation in many cities – with safety norms – for cyclists. Add to that the convenience of being able to fold the bike instantly, and it becomes a versatile option to get from point A to B efficiently, effectively, and quickly. To ensure this portability and convenience, the ONEBOT-S7 uses a unique three-fold structure – as opposed to the two-step folding design that we all are familiar with – which makes the e-bike ultra-compact when folded so it can fit in the boot of the car or slide under your workstation (however and wherever you please to use it). Compressed into the smallest single unit possible, this e-bike when folded measure only 60cm in height and length and just 35cm in width.

ONEBOT-S7 is fitted with a removable battery pack in the frame, tucked neatly under the seat post. It sits there unobstructed and blends with the uniform frame design and colorway eliminating any distraction from the chrome-like finish of the e-bike. The powerful battery doesn’t have specifics to share, but from the images, the ONEBOT-S7 can be put to old-fashioned pedaling if the battery dies on you or your sporty enthusiasm calls.

And when you’re putting in some effort to pedal or cruising past the traffic on an electric powertrain, you’ll have all the relevant information about battery level, speed or pedal assist resistance flashing on the digital display on board the handlebar. From how I see it, the ONEBOT-S7 acquires most of the features of the e-bikes on the market and packages it elegantly into a niche frame and tri-folding form factor that we may take to as soon as it’s available!

Designer: Kinson Chan