This foldable electric bicycle fits in your car’s boot with enough space for extra storage!

This electric bicycle with a modern design and the lightweight form factor is set to change the urban commuting scenario where compactness and stylish aesthetics are the primal choices for generation Z.

There’s something deep down I love about shape-shifting functionality, be it on any vehicle, furniture, or everything in between. The ability to fold down the size almost half of the original brings so many possibilities to the fore – easy portability and space-saving being on top of the list. When I saw this folding e-bike it was a nirvana moment, simply because of the armadillo-like folding characteristic that’s no gimmick beyond the pictures into the real-life scenarios. Robin Feng of PXID Design, the inventive mind behind this cool bicycle design deserves accolades for his intuitive thinking to make it so small its barely even noticeable in the boot of your car.

Dubbed the PXID – A1, this compact electric bicycle folds to the size of a small suitcase for easy transportation in the boot or even be carried to the office floor, that’s if the boss permits. The folding bicycle rides on 14-inch tires and the rear tires get power from the onboard electric battery for assistive riding on ascends. The seat is height adjustable and the revamped design as compared to the earlier S1 model adapts an angular frame design. This gives the A1 a far better foldable aesthetic that’s practical in use. In fact, it is so compact in the foldable position, you can even store more luggage in the boot of your car with the A1 foldable electric bicycle sitting on one corner!

The monochrome digital display on the left-hand side keeps the rider informed of the reaming battery levels, average range, current speed and the current gear being employed. The 36V battery of the e-bike is stored on the front of the frame which all goes well for the power to weight ratio balance. The design of the bicycle is tailored for urban commutes and styling too has that upbeat element to it. I cannot wait to see the PXID – A1 out on the streets, can you?

Designer: Robin Feng