Layer Design reveals the ultimate Pendler e-bike with modular accessories and high practicality quotient

Electric bike startups are popping up more frequently than ever – pitching economic means of transport without harming the environment. The London-based creative agency Layer Design has impressed us at Yanko Design with their creations, and their latest two-wheeler conceptual urban e-bike is no different.

The electric bicycle is built to be safer on the roads, ideal of modern lifestyle and better in performance than other options on the market. Christened the Pendler bike, it gets the name from Danish word pendling (meaning commuting), and is a nod to the country’s deep cycling culture.

Designer: Layer Design

The idea of this concept is centered on the U-shaped frame which is basically a thick structural element. This lends the two-wheeler an identifiable silhouette for on-off urban riding needs. Aesthetics and feasible performance of the Pendler are given much attention which is important for a design to materialize for mass production.

45Nm electric motor on the e-bike is concealed well within the frame and the detachable timber accessories add a dimension of practical usefulness to the e-bike. Layer Design has been mindful enough to bring built-in solutions to problems cyclists come across. Things such as bike storage or communication with surrounding traffic. According to Benjamin Hubert the creation solves a number of predicaments of daily city commute while keeping the tech driven positioning and aesthetics intact.

Pendler folds down flat for easy storage since handlebar rotates 90 degrees to align with the main frame and the pedals fold down flat. The wheels have been kept down to 20-inches to keep up the compact theme – good enough to carry on a public transport too. Modularity comes in the form of detachable and modular baskets on the front and rear. This gives rider the flexibility to add or remove these add-ons as per need.

The communication aspect is taken care of by the phone dock for navigation, height adjustable saddle and indicator lights on the handlebar. This way the rider doesn’t have to put his/her hand out to alarm other motorists. Pendler is powered by a swappable 25Wh battery that churns out 70 km range on single charge and top speed of 25 km/h.