Pedal-powered bicycle with clever in-frame storage to keep camping essentials safe

Electric bikes have a lot of undeniable pros – highlighting ones being – the green aspect and modern design to appeal to young buyers. Already, E-bike concepts for adventure seekers who want to go beyond the city limits add a layer of high-quality suspension system and robust body to the mix to lure riders who desire to explore the dirt trails.

While off-roading four-wheelers come with the advantage of hauling cargo as well, an e-bike simply doesn’t have enough room to carry around your essential camping gear. With this clever electric bike that notion could take a back seat.

Designer: Luca Matturro, Michele D’Angelo, Ruggero Vizzini, Francesco Piccinelli, Filippo Coacci

The electric bike dubbed IEDEX is an exploration bicycle at heart with enough space to store the camping essentials without creating any visual disparity. The versatile team of designers has managed to design the e-bike with ad-hoc space to store two luggage bags in the frame itself. Unlike other bicycle frame designs adopting a triangular or connected shape for structural integrity, this one skips the down tube courtesy of the unibody design.

The smaller and the larger storage units are fastened using Fidlock fasteners that magnetically keep things in place and are easy to remove as well. Each one of these Fidlock Snap M fasteners can hold a weight of up to 15 kg. The bigger one dubbed Camping Equipment Bag slides out easily from one side with a handle. According to the design team, the smaller Personal Items Bag mounts using two fasteners, sliding from the top of the bike frame by swiveling the saddle to one side. With the Fidlock Snap female points, this bag turns into a shoulder bag with a shoulder strap.

Ride comfort on gravel tracks is important, hence the bike gets Hiride 40mm travel suspension on the steerer tube. The front suspension is paired to the seat tube with a play of 20mm so that even newbies get accustomed to the bike’s rideability. The frame is a combination of a straight tube and step-through shape with the MTB characteristics – a balanced suspension and low fork trail. One USP of the IEDEX that designers are emphasizing a lot is Heinzmann’s Ride by Wire System which is a combination of motor and transmission, getting any chain-falling events out of the equation.