This Sculptural Bench Is The Thought-Provoking & Conversation-Starting Furniture You Need In Your Home

Wood has been the material of choice for furniture designers for ages galore. And no wonder! There’s something about wood that instantly adds a sense of zen and calm to any living space it is placed into. It puts your mind at ease while managing to radiate a feeling of warmth and tranquility. It’s a minimal material that holds a strong personality without any additional frills and tassels. I truly believe a well-crafted piece of wooden furniture can add a magical touch to even the simplest of living spaces. Minimal, clean, and almost always soothing, beautifully designed wooden furniture helps add the ultimate finishing touch to a room. And the Soul Sculpture Bench is a fine specimen of wooden furniture design.

Designer: Verónica Mar for Les Ateliers Courbet

Designed by Madrid-based designer Verónica Mar for Les Ateliers Courbet, the Soul Sculpture Bench is a minimalist bench that has a spiritual sensitivity, and is designed to balance and ground the energy of the space it is placed into. The bench goes beyond an ordinary tactile furniture design but instead intends to add a soothing and calming effect to any space.

The Soul Sculpture Bench is inspired by the recurring spiral patterns that are often seen and found in the universe, in the various galaxies, in the intricate DNA chains, and in the dynamic water currents. It aims to create a cohesive connection between nature and design, tying the two together seamlessly and subtly. As you look at the bench, you are reminded of the beauty of the vast universe, and of all the little bonds and connections that reside within it.

The wooden bench is designed to be a unique and versatile piece that can be placed seamlessly into both public and private spaces. It can merge perfectly with a private indoor setting, as well as a public area. It is designed to be a thought-provoking and conversation-starting seating solution, that encourages viewers and users to pause, reflect, and not only appreciate but discuss the dynamics of the vast universe, and the ever-changing natural world.