WA (Harmony In Japanese) Furniture by Piero Lissoni & Marc Krusin

WA offers silent design that works in harmony with different interiors. It has a simple graphic language where vertical and horizontal planes are treated as graphic blocks. This linear simplicity however, veils an extraordinary functional capability. WA has a patented 360o clip mechanism allowing for total adaptability and manoeuvrability. There are no pre-determined fixing points and the system is unrestricted by modular sizes.

WA is a complete environment incorporating tables, screens, storage and meeting furniture. Tables can be entirely freestanding or linked to other elements of the range, including storage units. Ergonomic accessories called soft parts’, soften the interface between the user and the work surface and bring a level of comfort to the desk that has previously only been expected from seating.

Designer: Piero Lissoni & Marc Krusin [ Via: Dezeen ]