This Single-Person Acoustic Pod Offers Solo Workspaces In Modern Offices

Honestly, in time I’ve really come to love office pods or work booths. Office pods have gotten supremely popular ever since COVID-19 hit, not only do they create little isolated spaces to work in, but they also provide a whole other level of privacy, that would have been otherwise unimaginable and completely unattainable in a commercial office. There are quite a few versatile options on the market when it comes to office pods, and a pretty neat one I recently came across is the Phone Booth Acoustic Pod.

Designer: Room

Acoustic pods have become a pretty common sight in corporate offices these days, and I hope this initiative is here to stay. Workplace furniture brand Room recently made an addition to the arena of acoustic pods in the form of the Phone Booth Pod. The Phone Booth is a single-person acoustic pod that offers solo workspaces in open-plan offices. The Phone Booth is the first product designed in Room’s catalog and it features three sound-dampening material layers that reduce noise by 30 decibels, to create a quiet and peaceful work environment.

The Phone Booth is clad in sound-blocking MDF and lined with a sound-absorbing PET which is created from recycled plastic bottles. These features in addition to 100 percent natural wool finishes help to control the noise levels and form a soothing workspace. A LED light has been mounted in the ceiling, alongside two super quiet fans to maintain a clean air level inside the booth. The light and the fans can be controlled and operated via a smart sensor.

The Phone Booth acoustic pod is available in two colorway options – light and dark, both of which are accentuated with oak accents. The acoustic pod is delivered in a flat-packed form and can be assembled within an hour by two people with the help of only one tool. The acoustic booth can also be easily moved between locations with ease once it has been assembled. The Phone Booth acoustic pod would make an excellent and functional addition to modern workspaces, providing employees with solo work booths where they can enjoy some peace and quiet without being disturbed.