Luna Time

The Luna Watch is a clever design that represents the process of waxing and waning of the real moon as a way of communicating the time. What this means is that Waning to the right indicates ‘AM’ and waning to the left means ‘PM’. You can recharge the watch via USB and access the functions menu by adjusting the crown. In all, designer ilmo Ahn wants you to own your moon.

Designer: ilmo Ahn


  • Rachel says:

    bored concept, where is the analysis ?

  • Vicki says:

    What a trippy watch… 😛

  • ilmoAhn says:

    It’s a just concept. and your are a failed mind. why not? I think can come out soon as possible.

    Did you look at the SAMSUNG and LG products.

    You can see Curved LED TV and Mobile phone.

    Maybe 1years ago you said ‘curved LED?? it’s failed concept’

    I believe that you did said.

  • ilmoAhn says:

    Yeah bored. I just happened to make it for fun, not more or less. I hope you know that. Thanks

  • ilmoAhn says:

    yeah trippy. Cause, lack of my design skills

    Next time I will try to raise a wonderful product design.

    I gonna be a star designer. Look watched me.hhhh

  • Chirag says:

    Hi..!! R u planning on bringing this concept to reality.

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