Top 10 Audio Designs That Are Straight-Up Designed For Absolute Audiophiles

Owning great audio gadgets is always essential, not only to blast out some groovy music at your parties but also for those days when you want to sing along to your favorite tunes at the top of your lungs, in the privacy of your room! Whatever may be the requirement, having a clear, distortion-free, handy, and interactive set of audio devices is necessary. There are a lot of innovative designs out there in the market, so picking the right one that meets all your needs can be a task, especially since we all tend to have different audio requirements. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of functional, creative, and exciting audio devices for you! From an invisible turntable to wireless audio jewelry– these modern audio devices are all you need for the ultimate immersive audio experience at home. Enjoy!

1. The Black Wheel

Meet the Black Wheel – the latest version of the Wheel design by Miniot! The Black Wheel smartly and subtly hides and conceals the electronic and mechanical components under the record. The different parts are seated within a thin circular body, that disappears the minute you put a record on! The design has an alluring and minimalist appeal to it.

2. Elite 10 & Elite 8 Active

Jabra recently unveiled the Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active earbuds. The earbuds were showcased at IFA 2023 in Berlin, and they’re presenting a new and improved standard in audio quality. The Elite 10 earbuds are packed with 10-millimeter drivers, while the Elite 8 Active is branded as “the world’s toughest earbuds”.


beyerdynamic introduced XELENTO – a form of ‘audible jewelry’. The handcrafted and hand-polished design is made from 24-carat gold amps with silver-plated wires connecting the two earpieces. The XELENTO provides a first-class high-resolution sound experience, that is powered by beyerdynamic’s own Tesla technology.

4. Marshall Minor III and Marshall Motif A.N.C

The Marshall Minor III and Marshall Motif A.N.C are absolute must-haves for audiophiles! The models feature a sleek black finish and come in a faux-leather finish case with Marshall’s branding. The stems of both earphones are embossed with a diamond-knurled pattern. They offer a commendable 20-25 hours of playback (along with the charging case), and sport intuitive touch controls.

5. Harmon Kardon Gramophone Mini Speaker Concept

Designed by Wagner Pozebon, this speaker design is the perfect epitome of minimalism, combined with the spirit of the good old gramophone, while also incorporating a modern and contemporary design aesthetic. The versatile wireless speaker features a translucent body that mimics the classic gramophone’s contours. The amplification of the speaker is right on point delivering encapsulating audio from the soundbox.


This distinctive record player concept is inspired by architecture! The player features slats that run across a section of the chassis uncovered by the platter. The design is quite similar to many architectural forms, and in fact, one of the slats doubles up as the tonearm, storing this integral part of the player when not in use.

7. Kibu Headphones

These recyclable and repairable headphones are called the Kibu Headphones, and they’re 3D-printed on demand. The headphones are available in a variety of custom colors and are built using recycled PLA from packaging waste sourced from the agricultural industry. The headphones are amped with a TPU headband and foam ear cups in kid-friendly sizes.

8. The Three-Eyed Eel

Designed by Andrew Roberts, the Three-Eyed Eel is an innovative and audacious masterpiece that merges impeccable design with high-fidelity sound reproduction. The 3Eel isn’t simply a speaker, it also explores cabinet design. The beautiful piece perfectly marries aesthetics, audiophile excellence, and undisturbed functionality.

9. Yamaha L700A

The Yamaha L700A perfectly balances pro-gear and consumer-worthy stuff. The headphones feature a gray design, topped with fabric trims on the headband, as well as on the earpieces themselves, giving them the visuals of a condenser microphone. The headphones fold flat like the AirPods Max and support easy traveling.

10. TP-7

The TP-7 is styled like a hi-fi audio player but is actually a tiny recorder that you can record and playback audio with. It is great for making podcasts, sample recordings, music production, vlogging, and journalism. It combines nostalgia with clicky buttons, vintage details, and a lack of touchscreens, while also providing cutting-edge recording technology.