Cutting-edge Pet Water Fountain has a 10-liter reservoir and a multi-stage filtration system

Would you drink water out of a glass that’s been sitting on the table for 5-6 hours? No, right? So why is it that your pet has to drink water from a bowl that’s been left standing for hours at an end? Quite like a drinking glass with stagnant water, traditional water bowls can become stagnant and harbor bacteria, requiring frequent cleaning and refills. The LALAHOME DailyFresh™ Eco-System pet fountain aims to revolutionize pet hydration by not only ensuring that your pets drink fresh water, but also ensuring they drink water that’s been appropriately filtered.


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DailyFresh™ and RealPura™ 5X Filtration Technology help deliver fresh and crystal-clear water, while the extra-large 10L tank and 6L waster water tank ensure fewer refills and disposals.

Sure, it’s easy to think of the LALAHOME DailyFresh as yet another pet water fountain, and there are many pet water fountains available out there… but on the inside, you’ve got a purification system so cutting-edge it could rival most regular purifiers found in homes for human consumption. Water is purified, oxygenated, sterilized, and waste/contaminated water is even discarded in a separate container that you can then use for watering/growing plants. The system is ruthlessly efficient, giving your pet the best water it can drink, and ensuring that every sip they have is as fresh as possible. Why? Because pet parents only want what’s best for their fur-babies, right?!

The overall design takes cues from Brutalist architecture of the 60s, combining those cues with the the minimal functionalism of contemporary design styles. Almost reminiscent of a self-sustaining society, the LALAHOME DailyFresh recycles, treats, and dispenses water efficiently. The twin cylinders look almost like skyscrapers, dual spouts look like meandering rivers, and waste water is diverted to grow cat grass (wheatgrass and other sprouted cereals) that help aid your pet’s gut biome and digestive system.

The pet fountain boasts a large 10-liter water reservoir, eliminating the need for daily refills. That’s up to two weeks of fresh water for your pet, providing peace of mind for busy pet owners with multiple jobs or those who travel frequently. The DailyFresh system goes a step further by incorporating automatic water renewal. This innovative technology automatically flushes, drains wastewater, and refills the fountain with fresh water, ensuring a consistent supply of clean water for your pet.

But fresh water is only half the story. The DailyFresh Eco-System Pet Fountain incorporates a rigorous 5-layer RealPura filtration system to remove impurities. This multi-stage filtration process tackles everything from pet hair to heavy metals, keeping the water fresh and healthy for your pet. An integrated UVC light provides an extra layer of protection by eliminating bacteria and other pathogens that can lurk in stagnant water. LALAHOME’s OxygenZ technology increases water flow, resulting in oxygen-rich water that tastes fresher and is more enticing to pets. This can be particularly beneficial for cats who may be more inclined to drink from a moving water source than a stagnant bowl.

All that tech delivers results that you can actually measure. The DailyFresh comes with a smartphone app to control the dispenser, check water levels, and even toggle different modes. Now, you’re probably wondering why your pet fountain needs its own dedicated app, but for the overly caring pet parent, the app gives control over the dispenser as well as allows you to track how much your pet drinks in the day. The app lets you know when the DailyFresh’s water levels are low, so you can replenish the removable water tanks, and the DailyFresh’s neat design and tight footprint let you easily place the pet fountain anywhere in you house, ensuring your furry friends get the best drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy, without depending on you to constantly replenish their water bowl!

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $299 (43% off). Hurry, only 18 left! Raised over $90,000.