This sleek black DeTomaso Pantera delivers the thrill of racing with the aesthetics of a street king!

Not many might have heard of the Italian-made DeTomaso Pantera mid-engine sports car manufactured by DeTomaso. But niche auto affectionate clan swears by the Pantera (Italian for Panther) manufactured over two decades (from 1971 to 1992) in a limited quantity of 7,000 units only. The two-door coupe’s starting model comes equipped with the 5.8 L Ford Cleveland V8 engine, producing 335 PS. Then in the closing stages of its stint in 1990, the Pantera 90 Si got the 5.0-liter Ford 302 engine featuring electronic fuel injection. All these years, the sports car was eye-candy for car lovers, and still, it commands a high-value proposition for its rarity.

3D & Motion Designer Daniel Crane has given the nostalgic Pantera a more modern approach. The iconic Italian sports car’s hard-wedged design caught Daniel’s eye, and he couldn’t help but give it a facelift without overshadowing the retro charm. This adventure took him down the route adopted by Ash Thorp and Carlos Pecino (a.k.a. Colorsponge). The extended wheel fenders highlighted by the oversized flares are indicative of that influence. In addition, the designer implemented some aesthetic highlights and a paint job to bring this concept to life.

The remake gets a matte yet edgy look compared to its original inspiration while retaining that badass factor. The prominent wheel arches and the tires give it that definitive handsome character. Everything gets tied with the two color options – matte black or pearl white – both of which lend the racing car a wantable charm. Most importantly, the DeTomaso Pantera remake has a very balanced front and rear design – perfect for a demanding adrenaline enthusiast looking for a drag racer to burn up the streets in 2021!

Designer: Daniel Crane