Transparent Harmon Kardon gramophone speaker adds punchy retro vibe to your living room shelf

Just glance over at this transparent gramophone speaker proposed for Harmon Kardon, and the big thumps up will be showered from all directions. A music accessory even Beatles would have desperately wanted on their trophy shelf!

Measured design quotient and high-end audio set apart Harmon Kardon products from the rest of the pack in the high-end segment. We’ve been already baffled by a designer’s future-forward vision for the premium brand in the form of an eye-popping transparent record player.  Now, inspired by Harmon’s previous products such as the Aura Studio 2 transparent speaker and the T60 turntable, this gramophone mini speaker concept seems like a viable product. Something that the US-based brand owned by Harman International Industries would be highly tempted to create in the future.

Designer: Grunge Design and Wagner Pozebon

To evoke the spirit of the good old gramophone while infusing a modern design aesthetic without going overboard (something that crosses the feasible realms), the speaker concept envisioned here is high on minimalism. The portable and versatile wireless loudspeaker has a translucent body depicting the classic gramophone’s contours. The amplification of the speaker is right on point delivering encapsulating audio from the soundbox. The see-through form factor radiates the purity of audio delivered by this Harmon Kardon audio accessory. It’s like a modern work of art you’d want to display on your living room shelf.

The power off, volume controls and track toggle options let the user manually input the desired option. Something I would do on this speaker just for the sake of physically experiencing the goodness, and never ever get bored of it. Creating the speaker in multiple color options including military green, spicy orange, off-white and matte black is another merit for the brand here. Without any semblance of doubt, the Harman Kardon Gramophone mini speaker is an audio accessory I want for my geeky desk setup.