Want Perfect Sourdough Bread every single time? This Kitchen Tool gives you foolproof results

The beauty of baking your own bread lies in its simplicity, and the fact that the yeast and bacteria does most of the job for you. You don’t need fancy equipment or ingredients, just a big container to proof your bread, and an oven to bake a perfectly rustic loaf of sourdough that you can then top up with avocado or ricotta and honey. However, what most bakers don’t tell you is that your loaf of bread is actually a living being. The yeast, whether natural or the instant kind you buy at the market, is a living creature that transforms your ball of dough into a fluffy, airy, mildly tart slice of bread that tastes so good with anything you put on top. This yeast needs just 3 things to perform this transformation – flour, water (hydration), and the right temperature. Most home bakers ignore that last metric, and if you’ve made a loaf of bread that just lacked that oomph or the right texture, chances are you followed your recipe correctly, but missed out on ensuring the yeast could grow under the right temperature. The DoughBed, however, takes care of that part of the breadmaking journey for you. Designed to be a perfectly optimal proofing tray for your dough, the Doughbed is a wide glass tray with a cork lid and a heating bed that creates exactly the right temperature for your loaf. Keep your dough to proof in the DoughBed and you’ll be consistently rewarded with the perfect proofing every time, whether it’s for sourdough loaves, pizzas, baguettes, focaccias, brioche buns, or any other kind of leavened bread you desire to bake!

Designers: Sourhouse (Erik Fabian & Jennifer Yoko Olson)

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Designed by home-baker Erik Fabian and industrial designer Jennifer Yoko Olson, the DoughBed is basically an incubation chamber for bread microbes that creates the perfect thermal conditions for yeast (and sourdough bacteria) to feed and grow. “The problem is not your dough, it’s your kitchen. Kitchen temperatures are often too cold for bread dough, and more importantly, always changing,” say the duo behind the DoughBed. The yeast in your dough thrives at temperatures of 75-82°F (24-28°C), but that might just be a tad too warm for humans, who set their thermostats or air conditioners to slightly lower temperatures. This mild temperature difference (of a mere 4-5°F) can be the difference between a perfect loaf, and a loaf that just doesn’t have the right open crumb. The solution? A mini habitat for your doughball, allowing it to do its job flawlessly well, every single time.

Mat + Bowl + Lid = The Perfect Proofing Solution

DoughBed combines a warming mat, a glass dough bowl, and a cork lid to create an efficient warming solution. The dough bowl has a wide bottom so your dough is gently and evenly warmed to 75-82°F (24-28°C) by the mat below.

Each DoughBed is made of 3 parts – an oval-shaped glass bowl, a cork lid, and a warming base that gives your bread microbes the ideal temperature to do its job. The wide oval tray is big enough to hold 3 loaves worth of dough at one time, and is perfectly shaped and sized for mixing your dough in, resting and proofing, and pouring your dough out for shaping before baking. As a bonus, it’s even designed to be oven safe, although baking a loaf that big would be overkill!

The warming mat is made with cork to prevent heat loss into your cold counter.

Once your dough’s ready for proofing, simply cover the glass tray with the DoughBed’s cork lid and place the tray and lid on the DoughBed’s electric base, which heats up to just the right temperature for your bread microbes to thrive. The bowl’s wide base helps the bread dough heat evenly and quickly, and the DoughBed’s single temperature target works with remarkable consistency all throughout the year, giving you perfect loaves even in autumn or winter months.

Oval = the Best Shape for Dough Handling

The DoughBed is perfect for home bakers looking to upgrade their bread game. The oblong oval shape of the glass bowl is ideal for mixing, kneading, and folding with both your hands, and the cork lid and base don’t just give the DoughBed its rustic aesthetic, they’re key to helping your dough maintain its temperature efficiently, and the cork base prevents heat-loss into your kitchen counter.

The DoughBed’s base operates with just 10W of power (that’s 75% less than an oven light), relying on a USB cable that can be wound up and tucked into the underside of the base when not in use. The cork lid comes with a removable, food-safe polypropylene liner, and both the glass bowl and polypropylene liner are dishwasher safe. We’d recommend not washing the cork to ensure it lasts longer. The DoughBed starts at a discounted $175 for backers – that’s a lot cheaper than the Le Creuset you’d mix and proof your sourdough loaf in.

Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $225 ($50 off). Hurry, deal ends in 72-hours! Raised over $220,000.