This compact, detachable hot plate is designed for on the go convenience and ease of storage

Working overtime and getting home late almost every day to find your dinner cold and unsavory? I’m sure a family member or your spouse has to wait through the night and then serve you hot food. It’s still fine on hot summer days, but the long winter nights can really get tough for everyone; you cannot have a cold meal at all! Hot plates have been a solution to this culinary conundrum through the years. But traditional warming boards only add bulk to your kitchen and do not do much to your meal.

What if you could have piping hot dishes on your table without taking up extra space? Whether you’re working late or hosting friends, the idea of a hot, delicious meal awaiting you at the table is a sublime feeling for many, including the designer of this electrically powered, folding and detachable heating plate that would be your biggest help when you’re hosting family or friends at home, partying at the pool, or out camping with your pooch.

Designer: Wenhua Xu

Conceptualized with the simple idea of ensuring a warm, delectable meal every time; this hot plate in pastel colors, functions on rapid heat transfer technology to ensure your food is at an ideal temperature, and it is constantly heated to maintain it as long as you want. The construction material of this heating board is anyone’s guess at the moment but from the images, it is easy to confirm that it is safe and easy to clean.

Besides, the overall concept – with an adjustable control panel – excels in heat retention. It helps preserve your food’s warmth and flavor with its three different temperature settings, keeping the heat maintained for almost eight hours. Interestingly, the warming board is ideal for heating dishes, milk, and drying food – all ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Add to that the convenience of detaching the three individual heating plates that comprise the entire unit. It can be used together or separately – thanks to the tri-folding design – to work with metal, ceramic, glass, or enamel utensils, serving bowls and other kitchenware. You can pack it in the bag for travel convenience, simultaneously warm up to six dishes, and keep the food warm and fresh every time. This portable and detachable marvel can be effortlessly stored to maximize space in your kitchen.