This tailored Mercedes-Benz hypercar concept adapts the volumes of a classy suit for its dynamic shape

Mercedes-Benz has been a name synonym for panache and luxury ever since it was first established in 1926. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the automotive giant has set the bar high for four-wheelers of the present and the future world. The AMG GT introduced in 2014 is still one of the most liked supercars in the industry and Concept VISION AVTR is setting the precedence for electric cars of the future already.

While the brand is one of the few big names inclined towards electric concept designs, it is understandable how many concept designers gravitate towards the Mercedes name for building their imaginative four wheels that could someday actually land them at one of the renowned brand’s design nests. The Mercedes-Benz Dresscode is one such iteration that has a unique take on what a British hypercar of the future could be like.

Designer: Jeongtae Lee

The design direction of the car interprets iconic luxury through the shapes of collar and rich volumes of a formal dress. If you look closely the hypercar adapts the form of a white shirt with a tie on top and a black jacket layered over it. Yes, the white sections represent the shirt with edged surfaces while the black body wraps the entire car in a large volume reminiscent of a jacket. The rear of the vehicle is like the back of a person wearing a suit – simple and chic. Unlike other supercars having luxurious gull-winged doors (or scissor doors) which can be tricky to get in and out, the Dresscode concept has doors designed to feel like the process of taking off a suit which is elegant and easy.

The side profile of the car is inspired by the seam lines on the shoulder of a jacket, wherein the lines flow from the front to the rear. Those wheel parts are rotatable through these lines. Also, the seam stitches on the shoulder of a suit jacket are reinterpreted as Mercedes patterns on the hypercar. In a true sense, this is a tailored Mercedes concept maintaining an aggressive yet elegant stance with its dynamic shape.