Monotrack Bike made out of old car tire performs smooth wheelies even if you’ve got zero skills

Performing wheelies on a regular bike requires a special skillset and if you simply aren’t good enough, then this DIY should interest you. All you need is a bent for putting together stuff from junk, and you’ll have a unique-looking monotrack bike to go crazy with.

YouTube channel ‘Make It Extreme’ has shown what it can do with stuff lying around in the junkyard, and this time around, they’ve created a mini motorbike with just a single car tire.

Designer: Make It Extreme

They call it the Monotrack Bike, capable of performing wheelie stunts even though you’ve never been good at it. By cutting the sidewalls of a recycled car tire and fitting it around a motor’s body, the DIY enthusiasts have surprised us. The tire acts like a tank tread for the steel track to have maximum grip on the tarmac, giving the rider freedom to perform extreme wheelies without fear of losing balance.

Since space is a premium in this build, the rider has to recline and hold on to the handlebars. During braking, the cute little bike tilts forward, so performing easy stoppies should also be in contention. At the concluding half of the DIY, the maker tests the monotrack bike on a smooth tarmac and looks super cool. Cruising smoothly on bumpy surfaces and dirt tracks should also not be difficult for the machine.

The exhaust system, suspensions, handlebars, saddle and the motor for this DIY have also been salvaged from stuff lying around in the junkyard. There’s no mention of the motor specifications so we cannot comment on the torque or top speed of this machine. That said it looks potent enough to catch eyeballs while you perform stunts on the driveway. Just make sure to get a helmet and a quality pair of kneecaps, because getting carried away riding this machine is a certainty!