The weirdly beautiful sensibility of a rectangle-shaped motorbike

When you start to question why things are shaped a certain way, and what it would take to make them shaped a different way, you unlock a certain potential to design something truly avant garde. That’s the word I’d honestly use to describe Huigyu Kim’s motorbike, the Travele. The Travele isn’t shaped like normal motorbikes because Kim decided it didn’t need to be. Designed as an electric vehicle that champions compactness, the Travele is both boxy yet out-of-the-box.

Every element crucial to the motorbike is contained within Travele’s cuboidal form. The wheels fit into the frame, sliding out when you need to drive the motorbike. A seat folds out from the inclined cut in the back, while the headlight sits within the Travele’s front frame. The handlebars and leg-rests sit flush within Travele’s frame too, folding out once you start the vehicle. Its transformation from a flat, massive suitcase-shaped form to a fully functioning motorcycle really makes you question why bikes are shaped the way they are. All of Travele’s electronics are placed in the vehicle’s base, while an empty space in the upper part of Travele’s body allows you to store luggage while driving, much like the boot of a car. A smaller storage hatch is even accessible when the seat unfolds, letting you stash things like your handbag, phone, or wallet. A square motorbike may seem like a strange idea, but the Travele’s design and format really helps make a case for how cool and sensible a rectangular two wheeler could be. Thoughts??

Designer: Huigyu Kim