This electric hot rod is geared up for green future sans performance compromises

Hot rods came into existence in the 1950s when automotive aficionados in the United States got engrossed with the trend of modifying average cars into speedsters with powerful engines and reinforced chassis. The goal was simple – to go at breakneck speeds for the rush of driving. Fast forward to 2022 and we are seeing a sped-up shift in the adoption of electric vehicles owing to global climate change concerns.

So, are we going to see the legacy of hot rods finally be done and dusted? Not at all, if we have concepts like Erode 002 turn into reality in the future. Keeping the spirit alive of the classic automotive trend, the electric hot rod pictured here will make any speedster lover go crazy. More than just an aspiration, this hot rod does make complete sense as electric powertrains are getting more powerful, thanks to the exponential automotive development as far as electric powertrains are concerned. Without question, the amount of torque and bhp they’ll generate will perfectly complement the personality of a speedster like Erode 002 on the loose.

This creation has the typical hot rod character, a sleek body with an open roof, and open front and rear wheels for the intimidating stance. Those exposed suspension components on the front truly reassure the car’s powerful domineer. The fact that it will be powered by an electric motor, means it will be lightweight and quite agile. Modern looks are also important, so the Erode 002 gets an LED light bar spanning across the rear, five-spoke wheels draped in red, and those typical thin wing mirrors that remind me of the spiking Hot Wheels era.

The two-seater impresses with its tech-influenced interior dominated by bucket seats in black with a hint of silver and red stripes. The digital instrument panel seems to float in front of the two-spoked steering wheel, and that compact infotainment screen promises a totally immersive experience as you push the pedal down and the white lines on the highway guide you through the night!