Ford Bronco’s minimal redesign is perfect for people who are dealing with Cybertruck FOMO

Hey. Listen. Look at me. The Cybertruck’s just not into you, man. If it wanted you as bad as you wanted it, it would be here already. So how about you just accept that it isn’t meant to be and move on? How about a little rebound on something like this Ford Bronco concept from the mind of Shanghai-based designer Haoyue Jia.

Jia’s Ford Bronco redesign offers a minimal hybrid between the Bronco’s existing language and the Cybertruck’s nude metallic otherworldly style. I call it a best of both worlds because it’s clearly pickup truck-like (it doesn’t look like a polygon on wheels) and has a level of softness that seems personable yet muscular. Perfectly proportioned curves make it look reliable and robust without looking stocky or rotund. Besides… it takes a great level of detailing to make a car that looks good even without a coat of paint… and the concept pickup does all this while still not looking overtly traditional, like your run-of-the-mill Ford, Chevy, or GMC.

The redesigned Ford Bronco targets the wanderer, instead of your average pickup truck user. It seats two in the front, with a truck-bed at the back that’s spacious enough for whatever cargo you need to lug, although the Bronco clearly isn’t styled to carry timber from your nearby Home Depot. The slick design caters to the intersectional audience who finds the idea of a pickup truck appealing and likes owning an automobile as powerful as a truck is… so pretty much all of the Cybertruck’s core audience. Given the way it’s designed, the Bronco concept is clearly powered by an electric drivetrain too, putting it square in electric pickup territory… although perhaps my favorite little feature remains the car’s roof, which pops open to reveal a tiny two-person tent for those weekend getaways! Away from the world, the internet, and the news of Tesla moving the Cybertruck production to 2023. *sadface*

Designer: Haoyue Jia