Shelly BLU Button1 automates your life with a single click

We are becoming more and more dependent on electronic devices and products, but while each of them brings convenience to our lives, they can collectively become a mess when left unchecked. Making smart home devices work together is, fortunately, easier these days, even if they come from different brands, but corralling traditional “non-smart” appliances is no walk in the park. The good news is that there is a class of devices that make these conventional appliances a bit smarter, such as smart switches and intelligent sockets. The new Shelly BLU Button1 puts all this power literally at your fingertips, allowing you to get the party started or tuck in for the night with a single click of a button.

Designer: Shelly

It might be tempting to replace all your lights, speakers, door locks, curtains, and appliances with Internet-connected models, but it is neither advisable nor practical. If all you really need is a way to turn these on or off without touching a switch or plugging them in, there’s almost no reason to replace your working possessions, especially if they’ve become your favorites. There are plenty of ways to make them just a little bit smarter, like retrofitting normal wall sockets with smart switches inside, like the Shelly Plus and Shelly Pro.

That, however, only makes the appliance smarter, but you might still live your life at the mercy of turning these things on and off individually, often through a smartphone that you have to pull out from your pocket, unlock, and tap multiple times. It’s not exactly a smarter way to live, which is why this tiny button puts all that convenience in a single device that you can attach to your keyring or bag. With just a click or a series of clicks, you can start your mourning routine, lock up the house, get ready for movie night, or do anything else that you need to automate in your life.

Shelly BLU Button1 is a small, almost nondescript square that has a single button that simplifies all the actions you need into a click. Using Shelly Cloud, you can connect actions or grouped scenes to four gestures of single, double, and triple clicks as well as a long press of the button. The BLU Button1 works over Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about unstable Wi-Fi connections when you need to open the garage door as you get near the house. You don’t even need to have your smartphone with you to use it! More advanced users can even write small scripts that can handle more complex conditions and situations.

The Shelly BLU Button1 is also compatible with devices that support the BTHome protocol, but it is best used together with Shelly Plus and Pro smart switches. Sure, that does involve a bit of rewiring that might require the help of a professional, but that is still a lot cheaper than buying a new smart home appliance, especially if your old one is working perfectly fine.