The Flex pants make canvas feel more comfortable than regular cotton

Canvas as a fabric is more well known for its durability rather than its comfort, which is why it’s used in backpacks and footwear, rather than in mainstream apparel. Imagine though, if canvas could be made comfortable, breathable, and stretchable. Pair that with its durability, and you could have canvas clothes that you can wear for decades, everyday. That’s the idea the people at LIVSN are gunning for. Clothes that are both comfortable, durable, and can be worn everyday, everywhere.

Constructed using Organic Cotton, Spandex, and recycled Polyester, the Flex (currently in its version 2.0) wants to be as durable as outdoor pants and as comfortable as track-pants. With a fabric that is rugged but doesn’t feel rugged, the Flex V2 pants even have a bit of stretch in them, giving you full freedom of movement (the video literally has people doing parkour while wearing the Flex pants). However, the fabric is but a mere feature of the Flex, because the pants even build a good amount of apparel-design into them. The Flex V2 come with a moisture-wicking interior lining that feels comfortable and immediately pulls perspiration out of the pants, keeping you cool. A diamond-shaped reinforced gusset around the crotch increases mobility, allowing your legs to move with much more freedom, while stretchable knee-regions enhance your performance, letting you run, climb, cycle, or even exert yourself while wearing the Flex V2 pants. Want to get down in the dirt? The Flex V2 comes with a rollable-leg system that allows you to roll up and fasten the pant’s legs so you can wade through a river or cross over flooded roads in the monsoon. An additional water-repellent coating prevents splashes or mild rain from drenching you.

On the storage front, the pants come with their fair share of pockets and some more. Armed with the standard front pockets you’d expect to find on any sort of pants, the Flex V2 makes them deeper, allowing you to store larger phones in them. They even pack stealth pouches behind the primary pockets, accessible by hidden zips, for your valuables, as well as dedicated pockets for outdoor EDC such as knives and multitools. That doesn’t necessarily make the Flex an outdoor, forest-trail pair of pants. You can wear the Flex around the house, on a coffee run, while traveling, or even at work. In its signature olive green, caramel, khaki, and grey colors, the Flex V2 are ideal for wearing anywhere. Plus, with their lifetime repair guarantee, the guys at LIVSN promise to repair your pants at a cost, if they ever do get damaged… so you’re always armed with a pair that’s as good as new!

Designer: Andrew Gibbs-Dabney

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Flex Canvas Pants V2 – Versatile, Durable, Sustainable

Slim-fit outdoor pants with stretch, articulation, and thoughtful features – with style you can wear every day. Own less and live more.

After a year of taking in feedback, researching, iterating, and testing their best selling product, Livsn Designs are releasing the second version of the Flex Canvas Pants. They have made the adjustments to solidify these pants as your favorite pants for years to come.

Your outdoor pants

Your commuter pants

Your work pants

Below: Product Details

Simplify Your Lifestyle

To live a more simple, experience-filled life we need clothing that stands up to serious recreation, looks so good you want to wear it every day, and so comfortable we never want to take it off. By striking a balance between thoughtful features and clean, and clutter free lines, Livsn Designs have designed their pieces to work equally as well on the trail as at the pub, allowing us to own less and live more.

The magic is in the balance.

Below: Updates Made to the Flex Canvas Pants V2

– Roll-up button location optimized at 12″ up across all sizes
– Roll-up button now recessed-stitched cateye style for greater durability

– Knife pocket size expanded by 1/2″ wide and 1″ tall
– Now on both legs

– Now made with Ecoflex Canvas: organic cotton and recycled polyester
– Fabric weight: 248 gsm (7.3 oz)

– Shorter Carbon chains than a C8 to reduce impact to your body

– Optimized fit for more flattering silhouette
– 1/2″ lower front rise, 1/2″ higher rear rise, 1/4″ ease added to upper thighs and hips

– Front pockets deepened by 3/4″ to accommodate larger phones
– Internal phone sleeve now on both front pockets

Below: Features

Warranty & Repair

Flexi Canvas Pants in the World

How Do They Fit

The Flex Canvas Pants are a slim tapered fit. Waist size runs true to slightly trim. Order your normal pants size for a fitted look, or a size up for a roomier fit. Fitted for athletic and slim figures and tapered from the knee down for a clean, modern look. See sizing chart for inseam length by waist size.

Take your favorite pair of pants and a measuring tape and measure these 7 areas to see how the flex canvas fits comparatively. Its is recommended ordering a size up if you would like a more straight leg fit.

Fabric Details

The Flex Canvas fabric is a durable and super comfortable mid-weight cotton/polyester weave with 2% spandex to allow free range of motion. It has a distinctive cotton canvas look and feel with a polyester content that serves to strengthen the fabric and dry much faster than a fully cotton pant.

– Fabric content: 58% Organic Cotton | 40% Recycled Polyester | 2% Spandex
– Fabric weight: 248 gsm (7.3 oz)

Unlike full synthetic pants that never look quite right off the trail, these lie like normal pants. They crease at the hips, drape nicely, and look better after each wear.

LIVSN Designs – Design Principles

They are designing their products in a way, so that when life happens and they inevitably fail, they can be repaired.

Fabric Selection

LIVSN Designs choose their fabrics because they were the best available for the job, trying to source organic and recycled when they can. Some pieces here don’t utilize recycled or organic materials because they aren’t able to hit the scale needed, but the team promise they will switch to recycled and organic as soon as they are able.

The Team

Andrew Gibbs-Dabney is the founder and CEO of Livsn. He grew up exploring the creeks, rivers, and hollows of the Ozark Mountains near his hometown, growing especially fond of the areas surrounding the Buffalo River and the Mulberry River.

Chris Woollis is mainly involved in Livsn’s graphic and product design, but he does so much more. Sharing Andrew’s passion for sustainability, he is also a valued part of the braintrust.


Last year the team partnered with Cielo, a real-estate developer in Austin, Texas to donate 2,000 fleece jackets to people in need. And they have been a proud sponsor of the National Interscholastic since the beginning.

Click Here to Buy Now: $98 $129 ($31 off).