This Official Backbone One Carrying Case Is Sleek and Convenient

The rise of remote gaming in the early 2020s introduced the ability to play full-scale console and PC games remotely on mobile devices. Some of that hype may have been a bust when it came to cloud-based services like Google Stadia, which shuttered in January because it simply “hadn’t gained the traction” Google wanted. But at least the trend brought with it a huge boon: really cool controllers that looked great, felt great, and plugged into your phone to control local consoles through apps like the PS Remote App and Xbox Remote Play, or play console-quality games through Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass.

Backbone One, at least the original Backbone One from 2020, set the basis for great smartphone controllers that made gaming on the go far more viable than ever before. Last year, Backbone came out with the PlayStation version of its mobile controller, using a similar button layout and visual style at the excellent DualSense controller. And now there’s a second-gen refresh, complete with a stylish and sleek carrying case that only costs $24.99 on the official Backbone store. Backbone’s newest controller update is exciting (thanks to an improved D-Pad and broader compatibility with devices) but the real star of the show is the brand-new official Backbone carrying case.

Designer: Backbone

The carrying case comes in two, very slick-looking colorways: Black and White. The latter is also the official “PlayStation Edition” carrying case, thanks to its usage of DualSense colors around the exterior chassis. The PlayStation logo is neatly displayed on the upper right corner instead of the usual “Backbone” lettering. This chassis looks both compact and durable, thanks to Backbone’s “firm outer shell and molded interior”. Both case designs come with a bright orange zipper that looks sharp regardless of which colorway you choose.

Backbone One’s official carrying case is going for an MSRP of $24.99, and is rated to be compatible with any existing Backbone One controller for iOS or Android devices. It looks like the controller sits snugly inside the case, and you can even use it with the iPhone adapter installed onto the Backbone controller. Once inside, the carrying case’s foam molding should keep it in one spot, without exposing it to the wear-and-tear often caused by constant shaking and bumping during transport.