This tiny gadget combines Apple’s magic mouse and a laser pointer to be the ultimate work accessory!

The mouse was born as a direct result of the world’s first Graphical User Interface. As soon as computers began displaying icons, windows, and folders instead of endless lines of code, the keyboard immediately ended up falling short, and the mouse and cursor were born to help work as an extension of your hands. In the digital world, the mouse could help you tap on things, drag elements, zoom in or out, or navigate through large virtual canvasses. It’s been 55 years since the first mouse was invented at Stanford University, and experientially, not much has changed. We’ve still got buttons, scroll wheels, and only in the last two decades did we make the shift to wireless mice. The CheerPod is the Mouse’s most natural next step. Yes, it lets you do the same things you could with your regular mouse, but it also lets you do so much more! The CheerPod works not just with your computer, but with your tablet, phone, and even projector. It functions as a mouse, a trackpad, a remote control, and even a laser pointer… in short, if the mouse and cursor were extensions of your hand within your desktop computer, the CheerPod is an extension of your hand within every digital personal experience!

The CheerPod is a tiny, handheld device that boils the mouse down to its essentials. With a design that’s dictated by the need to be small and remote-like, the CheerPod is to mice what smartphones are to landlines – Portable, rectangular, and heavily feature-laden. It comes with an infrared sensor on its base, like all wireless mice, allowing you to drag your cursor by moving the physical device, but it also allows you to mimic gestures by swiping across screens in mobile and desktop interfaces. The CheerPod, unlike most wireless mice, works without a receiver, connecting directly to laptops, desktops, tablets, and even phones using Bluetooth. It sports a Magic Mouse-inspired touch-enabled surface on its top that lets you click, scroll, zoom, pinch, swipe, and even use multi-touch gestures… sort of like the love-child of a mouse and a trackpad.

While the CheerPod is, in itself, a better, smaller, and more universally compatible version of a wireless mouse, it’s most innovative feature is just a switch-flip away. A simple switch makes the CheerPod go airborne, allowing it from being a ground-based navigation device to something you can hold in your hand like a remote control. Its tiny, remote-shaped profile makes it exceptionally handy, allowing you to use it in presentations to cycle through slides, clicking on elements, or even zoom into images or graphs to delve into small details. The CheerPod even factors in its own laser pointer, allowing you to focus your audience’s attention on parts of your pitch too.

A winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award, the CheerPod showcases the evolutionary step in wireless controllers. It combines the functions of multiple products (mouse, trackpad, remote, pointer) into one device that’s not just universally compatible, working with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android systems, but it’s ridiculously tiny too, allowing you to easily slip it into your laptop sleeve, backpack, or even your pocket to carry along with you (and comes with a battery life of 20 days). Not that everyone would want to carry a futuristic wireless controller with them everywhere, but then again, the fact that you could rush into a boardroom with just a pen-drive and your own wireless remote/laser-pointer sounds like a pretty great thing… or perhaps carry it along with your phone to use as a remote control for when you’re casting your mobile screen to a TV to watch media!

Designer: CheerPod

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CheerPod – Air Mouse & Presentation Mouse

The CheerPod is a 2.6-inch mouse, touchpad, and laser pointer that lets you connect to any devices for seamless control anywhere.

CheerPod can be used as a full-function desktop mouse, touchpad and laser pointer on virtually any device. With support for the most frequently used hand gestures in both Desktop Mode and Air Mode, it’s comfortable to use and easy to control.

Universal Compatibility – No Receiver Needed

CheerPod saves your valuable input slot and delivers a fast connection. Simply connect it just like connect your wireless earbuds, easy and effortless. CheerPod’s universal compatibility makes it a perfect control solution for multi-device.

Ground Mode and Air Mode – Easy to Switch

When CheerPod is used in the Ground Mode, it works as a full-function desktop mouse + touchpad for various devices. When you are tired of placing your hands on the table while working, try the Air Mode to continue the work in an easier way!

At the flick of a switch, CheerPod instantly gives you gesture control from the comfort of your couch or moving freely around the room!

See What You Can Do With CheerPod

The Perfect Presentation Tool

Air Mode allows you to move around the room as you present, advancing slides, opening apps, and switching between important documents. Its built-in laser pointer is great for getting to the point and CheerPod supports the most frequently used controls for presentations such as: zoom in/out, turn the page, scroll control, and more using simple gestures.

Works as Remote Control for Media Entertainment

CheerPod is a super convenient remote control for TVs or phones and computers that are mirrored to the big screen.

Ergonomic Design

CheerPod is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit the hand and respond to natural hand movements. For this purpose, the team has tried all kinds of sizes. Based on the test result, they have made CheerPod compact enough that it fits in a pocket for go-anywhere convenience, but large enough to be comfortable for all-day use

Super Low Latency

For any wireless device, staying in sync is key. CheerPod has a super low latency of 7ms so it always responds with perfect accuracy and no lag. In a working range of 10m, you can control the device as you move freely around the room without any disconnection.

Super Portable

CheerPod is super slim at just 2.6 inches long and it’s a 33g featherweight. It goes with you anywhere, seamlessly transitioning between home, work, cafe or travel. With 20+ days of working time on a single charge, you can rely on it anytime you need it.

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